Mike Mignola Suggests Nazi-Punching Hellboy Might Vote Biden/Harris

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola posted the following illustration on social media over the weekend.

Mike Mignola Suggests That Nazi-Punching Hellboy Might Vote Biden/Harris

While many were lightened to see the illustration, a number were not.

Writer Emmanuel Pacings replied "From what I know about Hellboy I feel like he would be apolitical", with comic book writer John Reppion's response "Old Nazi punching hellboy? That one? Apolitical?"

Combat illustrator EF Comix replied "Sad to see Mike Mignola, one of my major influences, using his character Hellboy to espouse his personal political beliefs. I never did this with my characters and hopefully never will. Imaginary as they may be, I still think a good believable character needs their own agency."

Eric Scott Hawkins, creator of Zombieful World Of Oz responded "So strange. I thought Hellboy didnt like nazis? The democratic party is no different than the nazis and show that everyday. Antifa is exactly like the nazis. As an an American though I will fight to never let the left and their Nazi ways take control of the country."

Comic book artist Chris Eisert added "It's just insufferable cringe.. and pander points at this point. Mignola knows how Twitter works.. it's definitely meant to be. And that's a shame using his beloved IP to purposely ruffle feathers and probably loose fans in the process."

It's not like this is new of course. Ethan "Doc" Shaner posted "Whole lotta people seemed to have missed/forgotten this one from '08. Point being this ain't new and if anybody knows what shirts Hellboy's going to wear it's Mignola."

Mike Mignola Suggests That Nazi-Punching Hellboy Might Vote Biden/Harris

As comics writer Zack Davisson writes, "Its amazing how many "long-time fans" suddenly come out of nowhere to decrie Mike Mignola for "mixing politics with comics" and vowing to burn their collections and never support him again. If they were really "long-time fans" you would think their memories wouldn't be so short."

Pat Brodsseau reminded us "Of course Hellboy would be pro Biden/Harris…from Hellboy: Conqueror Worm #3, Mike Mignola's art & writing, Dave Stewart's coloring and my lettering."

Mike Mignola Suggests That Nazi-Punching Hellboy Might Vote Biden/Harris

Paperfilms creator Jimmy Palmiotti added "Mike's character HELLBOY– created by Mike who worked years to bring to life with every story he told- and now is a staple in the entertainment industry and in our lives. If you think this illustration is wrong or against the character created, you are 100% wrong. The End."

Mike Mignola has also recently auctioned off several sketches in the past few months to support those affected by the pandemic, with proceeds going to the World Central Kitchen. So when the writer of the comic book Unstitched, Justin Dutton wrote "It's why any "political" propaganda I would do is say volunteer at St. Judes children's hospital. Which I have a bundle where books and $ go there. Anything about voting, nah. Helping sick kids in need, yeah.", Mike's wife Christine Mignola responded "Gee…still running auctions for WCK (have raised almost $300,000 so far) to feed people in need…does that count?"

It probably does…

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