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Bleeding Cool face (1)Michael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, and entertainment executive. He writes,

The response from those with Milestone Questions has been incredible and deserves to be answered as soon as possible. Doing so in the confines of my weekly rants every son often is simply not fair to those who asked and those who want to know.

So-from time to time I will take a few questions and answer them in a 'From The Edge Extra.'

Off topic but what's the deal with Milestone? Does DC have it for good or is it another "Red Circle". Even though Dwayne McDuffie is no longer with us, I'd love to see it given another chance again outside of just Static. It's my favorite superhero universe outside of the Big 2.


Milestone Media is not now nor has it ever been owned by DC Comics. So they can't have us 'for good' nor can any company have another company if said company is not the owner of that company. DC has a publishing and distribution deal with Milestone for the Dakota Universe. Milestone does have other content that are not part of the Dakota Universe and somewhere, sometime those properties will see the light of day.

Thanks for the kind words about Milestone being your 2nd favorite universe. Milestone is my third favorite universe, behind DC and the original Captain Marvel universe. Now watch, I'll get some shit from some people because a universe I co-created isn't my favorite. I also prefer my girlfriend to my wife but that's just me. Before anyone gets all, 700 Club, over that, my wife prefers my girlfriend to me so it's all good.

Love your avatar BTW, nice ass…dude?

I've been trying to get more details out of Michael Davis, but thus far, not so much luck. What we have learned is that DC doesn't have the rights to every character in the Milestone pantheon. Just certain ones, though we don't know the definitive list. I believe someone mentioned something about Icon not being usable, but Rocket is, though I don't know how reliable their source was. I'd love to see Hardware return, and it would make my day for Static to show up in the relaunched Teen Titans book, if we can't give a solo title for him another shot.

Matt Krotzer


It's safe to say that the general public will never know, 'the definitive list.' Except for satisfying fanboy curiosity, (which as a fanboy I completely understand) most everything else is downside. DC would be pretty pissed, and rightfully so, if detailed information leaked from an agreement regarding what they do or don't have the rights to. Milestone on the other hand would be just as pissed if not more so if our internal business was made part of a public forum. Regarding the status of Icon or any other Milestone character, whoever the source is on that, is full of shit.

Michael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, and entertainment executive. 

His positions as an entertainment executive include: President & CEO of Motown Animation & Filmworks, President of Animation at Magic Johnson Entertainment, President of Publishing at Blackboard Entertainment, and Vice President, Director Of Talent, and Co-founder of Milestone Media. He's created, written, illustrated, or produced original content for comics, television, radio, publishing, and reading programs as an independent producer. Alumni from his Bad Boy Studio mentor program are some of the most respected talents working in comics, television, and illustration today.

Current projects include graphic novels, The Underground from Dark Horse and Jackie Robinson Day 1, mainstream novels such as Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Black People But Were Afraid To Ask from Full Court Press, White Winter, Black Night Books 1-4 from Simon & Schuster. The Littlest Bitch from Sellers Publishing (with David Quinn) is in its third printing and currently in development for television.

Michael is also the creator and host of The Black Panel, a powerhouse forum that brings together some of the biggest names in the African American media space.

Among his honors and awards are Mentor Of The Year from Mentor Magazine 1995, The Michael Davis Auditorium named at The Gordon Parks Academy 1996, Renaissance Award from the Arizona Black Film Festival 2006, and The Inkpot Award at Comic Con International 2013.

He fully realizes his bio is now the longest and most corporate of the BC contributors, something his haters will no doubt consider just another way to talk about himself.

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