Mindless Speculation: A Return to Sins Past? Will Slott/Immonen Bring THEM Back?

By Joe Glass


We now know that Stuart Immonen is returning to Amazing Spider-Man with writer Dan Slott thanks to ComicBook.com…or wait, didn't we kinda tell everyone this days and days ago due to some actual investigation and sleuthing? I forget.

Needless to say, we now all know about it, and there's even artwork too!

But when I saw that image, my mind immediately zeroed in on one particular aspect of it…the guy and girl Spider-Ninjas in the top right. These guys:


No…it couldn't be…surely not…I mean, he wouldn't…right? But then, he's kinda dragging up the Clone Saga right now, so maaaaaaybe….

Basically, every single long-running comics series will have one or two stories that are pretty much universally reviled. A writer wanting to do something shocking, a twist so unexpected, so unthinkable that it surprises everyone. And hopefully, sometimes it turns out to be crazy good….other times….

Other times, you get J Michael Straczynski's Sins Past story line. SPOILERS FOLLOW!


A plot that saw two mysterious new threats hunting Spider-Man that would turn out to be Gwen Stacy's children….by Norman Osborn. Because, yes, creepy, crazy old man sleeping with Peter Parker's first great love and getting her pregnant, to have the kids in secret (one that she NEVER confides with Peter), and those kids then subsequently being aged up (because COMICS!) so that they can then attack Spider-Man, who they blame for the death of their mother, thanks to the machinations of Norman Osborn.

The same Norman Osborn who is returning in this story with Immonen.

So the question is: is he bringing his kiddies with him? Would Slott really bring up a plot beat that pretty much everyone would like to just forget (and had been doing a pretty good job of, frankly)?

I guess we'll all find out in Amazing Spider-Man #25 . Or the Comic Book Exclusive that will come out four days later, I guess.


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