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Marvel May 2024 Solicits In Full
And that includes the solicits for Amazing Spider-Man #49 and Amazing Spider-Man #50 Firstly, #49 is one of the many, many titles tying in with the big Blood Hunt crossover And then #50 is the big double-sized special with Zeb Wells, Ed McGuinness and Terry Dodson bringing the return of Norman Osborn as the Green[...]
DC Comics
There has been a little more mysticism going on in the street-level Spider-Man event that has been playing out at Marvel Comics in the last few months, as Tombstone finally tracks down the assassin who almost killed him at his daughter's wedding in the new Amazing Spider-Man #43 out tomorrow… Agent Jensen Walker… any relation to[...]
Marvel Comics X-Men Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #41 continues its Gang War, as New York is divided further between the various criminal forces that control the city Which means some new geography for the various forces As well as wondering what the place would be like without the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, all the Spider-Men, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and everyone[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel, 1963), Showcase #4 (DC, 1956), Brave and the Bold #28 (DC, 1960).
It looks like 2024 will get an early start on the record books in terms of vintage comic book sales, as Heritage Auctions has just announced a shock-and-awe slate of high-end comics will be hitting the auction block in their 2024 January 11 – 14 Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction #7358.  Offerings include the[...]
Marvel Comics
It may be more about her being resurrected… ….but to do so, he does have to publicly continue to throw the mutants under the bus. Though… hang on, isn't there still a call out for his arrest for the murder of Matt Murdock, one that he had to seek sanctuary in Krakoa with Typhic Mary over? The[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday
In today's Amazing Spider-Man #35, we have an Evil Spider-Man in an Evil Black Spider-Man costume, giving us Peter Parker, burdened with the sins of Norman Osborn, going up against Mary Jane Watson But only because she stands in the way of another target Paul Rabin. Because, freed from any moral responsibility or ethical consideration, Spider-Man is[...]
Marvel Comics
Today Marvel Comics publishes Uncanny Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #33 One has a Spider-Man who has been infected with all of Norman Osborn's sins and has turned evil-ish… …the other, everyone believes he is an evil mutant, and so has disguised himself as a Spider-Man, because everyone loves a Spider-Man, and no one thinks they[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #32 saw Kraven attempt to return the Sins of Norman Osborn back to the man himself, to turn him back into the Green Goblin and provide Kraven The Hunter with better prey But Oopsie do! Kraven The Butter Fingers went and gave all the extracted sins to Spider-Man instead! The silly sausage. So now[...]
Amazing Spider-Man
From his perspective at least. In the previous  Amazing Spider-Man #27, J Jonah Jameson caught up with the headlines he made at the time. While Doctor Octopus' arms were making night calls to Peter Parker to make sure he was all tucked in. But it seems that Peter Parker wasn't the only one the arms were seeing[...]
Fallen Friend - A Better Cover Coming?
Time for a Fallen Friend… This Wednesday sees the publication of Amazing Spider-Man #26 – officially at least Because of the holiday weekend in America, Penguin Random House shipped copies to retailers earlier than expected And certain comic book retailers who don't feel beholden to street dates now that they are no longer being policed[...]
That Amazing Spider-Man #26 Gets A Proper Leak - What About The Kids?
This Wednesday sees the publication of Amazing Spider-Man #26 – officially at least Because of the holiday weekend in America, Penguin Random House shipped copies to retailers earlier than expected And certain comic book retailers who don't feel beholden to street dates now that they are no longer being policed as they once were, have[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #26 Leak Did Not Come From Inside The House
Yesterday I reported on the Comic Kingdoms YouTube channel, the first people to leak and spoil the news regarding the ending of Amazing Spider-Man #26 During which, they told me "it seems that a lot of the community is under the impression the source came from the publisher and that is accurate I am allowed[...]
How - And Why - The Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers Leaked
Last week, spoilers dropped for Amazing Spider-Man #26, then over two weeks away from the street date, being published by Marvel Comics on the 31st of May No one saw the spoilers coming so early, certainly not Marvel Usually copies get to stores in the days before sale; some stores put them out on the[...]
Entertainment Weekly Spoils Amazing Spider-Man #26 Death In Headline
Amazing Spider-Man time! Dan Slott was very clear today about spoilers on Twitter I mean, he could have been talking about Popverse, or Comic Book Movie but odds are he had Bleeding Cool in his sights He usually does Maybe it was just drive-by crossfire, but we got tagged in a lot to this tweet. When[...]
Marvel Kills Off Major Superhero in Amazing Spider-Man #26 (Spoilers)
For the last few months, Marvel Comics has been teasing that they were going to kill off Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man It began with hints of a fiftieth-anniversary memorial for the death of Gwen Stacy in 1973 Then they started pointing to Amazing Spider-Man #25 and #26, echoing covers from the Death of[...]
The Secrets And Lies Of Amazing Spider-Man #25 (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Amazing Spider-Man #25, an anniversary title that, with Amazing Spider-Man #26, will form a fiftieth anniversary of the death of Gwen Stacy Which Marvel Comics has been teasing will lead to the death of Mary Jane Watson, though Bleeding Cool does have one other theory.  Since the Amazing Spider-Man relaunch[...]
Amazing Spider-Man
And Mary Jane didn't have many answers, just that she was indeed hiding this information, which wasn't even referred to in the Amazing Spider-Man series. Not the only time in one dimension or another, that Mary Jane Watson has had powers, even being a Spider-Woman in her own right But not right now… And Felicia Hardy being[...]
Auto Draft
In the previous Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker had already evaded the Fantastic Four once and then took down Captain America in an attempt to save Mary Jane Watson All this happened eighteen months ago in Marvel Time and explains why everything with him has been a bit skeevy with the rest of the Marvel Universe,[...]
Mary Jane Watson Picks Up ThGun In Amazing Spider-Man #25
Tomorrow sees the publication of Amazing Spider-Man #23 from Marvel Comics, of which you may have had a sneaky spoilery peek over here But it appears to be Amazing Spider-Man #25 that Marvel is pushing for final Order Cut-Off Week today You know, also the one they have been doing everything to suggest is the[...]
Tomorrow, It's Spider-Man Vs Captain America Like Never Before (Spoilers)
Tomorrow sees the publication of Amazing Spider-Man #23 by Zeb Wells and John Romita, from Marvel Comics The solicitation asks, "WHAT DID PETER DO?! We opened this series with a question The centerpiece of the answer is a flat-out fight." But the fight isn't with the Fantastic Four, as the cover suggests Okay, it is[...]
As a mystical doctor, though, his lack of specific insight is rather worrying. Because in today's Amazing Spider-Man #22, we are starting to place Zeb Wells' Spider-Man jigsaw together, with part from his previous run and from his Brand New Day run from fifteen years ago And the missing sixth-month gap, why Peter Parker and Mary[...]
John Romita's Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Strips Artist's Edition
IDW is to publish John Romita's Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Strips Artist's Edition, featuring the Spider-Man newspaper strips that John Romita Senior drew for many years, reproduced to match the size, scale and appearance of the original artwork artboards A publishing process and line pioneered by Scott Dunbier, it has become one of IDW Publishing's[...]
We Still Don't Know What Peter Did- Amazing Spider-Man #21 Spoilers
The current Amazing Spider-Man series from Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr has been hiding something very, very bad that Peter Parker – and Spider-Man did that, six months ago, saw Mary Jane leave Peter Parker and live with another man, Paul, and two kids who call her their mother He ostracised his friends, family[...]
Comic Store In Your Future: Do I Sell Art or Books?
The Amazing Spider-Man Disney 100 covers have people so confused They say Avengers and Fantastic Four on the cover though they are for Amazing Spider-Man Amazing sells well; the Avengers and Fantastic Four could use a sales bump, so use those for them instead Avengers War Across Time #1 came out on the same day[...]
Printwatch: Saga, Sins Of Sinisters,
No public cover yet. PrintWatch: Marvel Comics has a brace of second printings for the 15th of March, including Amazing Spider-Man #18, Bloodline Daughter Of Blade #1, Dark Web Finale #1, Miles Morales Spider-Man #3, Scarlet Witch #2, Silver Surfer Ghost Light #1, Sins Of Sinister #1 and Wakanda #4 No public covers yet, aside from[...]
The History Behind That Flap Of Skin in Amazing Spider;Man: Dark Web
And we leave with Marvel topping the chart with Spider-Man, X-Men and Daredevil, which is what happens when DC Comics doesn't have their Batman monthly title out… note that Eight Billion Genies is performing strong. Amazing Spider-Man Tops The Final Bleeding Cool Bestseller List Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Amazing Spider-Man #14 X-Men #17 Daredevil #5 Detective[...]
Marvel Comics
Since the recent Amazing Spider-Man relaunch, Peter Parker did something very bad We still don't know what But six months after it, Mary Jane Watson, who had moved in with him, was now elsewhere. Living with someone called Paul, making phone calls to Peter Parker telling him not to talk to her, from inside a cupboard[...]
Marvel Comics
As Amazing Spider-Man finally gets round to crossing over with the previous-to-this-one X-Men crossover event, in today's Amazing Spider-Man #9 we get this utterly gorgeous Wolverine facing off against Spider-Man scene that will be one for the legends Expect posters, T-shirts, statue recreations of Patrick Gleason and Marcio Menyz's page here If there's a second[...]