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Cover image for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #74
Nick Spencer's run as writer of Amazing Spider-Man comes to an end this Wednesday with Amazing Spider-Man #74, and Mephisto is front and center in this preview of the issue, tormenting poor Harry Osborn What did he ever do to deserve this?! Well, besides everything Check out the preview below. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #74 MARVEL COMICS JUL210530 JUL210533 – FERREIRA[...]
Interior art from Amazing Spider-Man #75
Just as Nick Spencer has flown the proverbial coop in search of sweet Substack cash, so too will Peter Parker leave the starring role in Amazing Spider-Man beginning with Amazing Spider-Man #75, in stores from Marvel in October And Spider-Man isn't the only thing getting cloned around here In the mighty Marvel tradition, not only[...]
Kindred's Own Sins Past In Amazing Spider-Man #73 (Spoilers)
Everything you knew was a lie! Everything you knew was wrong! Twists, turns, deep dives into Spider-Man history that necessitated a return to Marvel Unlimited! Welcome to Amazing Spider-Man #73! Amazing Spider-Man #73 Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer has been setting up Kindred as an ultimate foe for Spider-Man, the Harry Osborne who went to hell, and[...]
Cover image for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 SINW
Amazing Spider-Man #73 is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, the penultimate issue of Nick Spencer's run as writer on the title before he leaves for Substack forever And this preview offers a shocking reveal: Gwen Stacy is Kindred?! Could this shocking spoiler possibly be true, or is it a swerve? And if Gwen[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #299 Signed By Stan Lee On Auction Today
Amazing Spider-Man #299, in my eyes, is the first appearance of Venom, and no, I am not interested in why you think I am wrong He is on the last page, named, and even talks How that is not considered a character's first appearance is beyond me, but whatever This one is much cooler anyway,[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Marauders, New Mutants, Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man
A few Marvel Comics changes to upcoming titles, Marauders, New Mutants, Black Widow, and Amazing Spider-Man. New Mutants #21 will be drawn by Rod Reis, and not the previously solicited Alex Lins Rod Reis will also be drawing issue #22. Marauders #24 will be drawn by Phil Noto, and not the previously solicited Ze Carlos. Amazing Spider-Man #72[...]
And with the movie nearing releases, this is clearly a good time to sell his first appearance in the comics back in Amazing Spider-Man #361 Written by David Michelinie, with cover and art by Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin And as part of Heritage Auctions Search, Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction 122131, a[...]
ASM 71
And after a jaunt in the Ultimate Universe, he returned to the 616 when reality was stitched back together again after Secret Wars. Amazing Spider-Man #71 In recent issues however it was revealed that he was taken out of hell by Kindred, a hellform of Harry Osborne, possibly at the hands of Mephisto Today's Amazing Spider-Man #71[...]
Cover image for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #71 SINW
Amazing Spider-Man #71 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday as Nick Spencer's epic run on the title finally comes to the end (it's not too late to turn Spider-Man into a Nazi, Nick — we know you want to) In this preview, (presumably) Kindred sends a message to the titular Spider-Man, throwing his[...]
Marvel Teases Peter Parker Spider-Man's Death, Replaced By Ben Reilly
With Nick Spencer bringing back the events of One More Day with Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man and Sinister War, as well as having Peter Parker preparing to ask Mary Jane Watson to marry him And now? A return to the original plan to get rid of the Spider-Man marriage from the Clone Saga that would[...]
The Amazing Spider-Man #4 (Marvel, 1963)
Amazing Spider-Man #4 has always been one of my favorite issues of the series, and it was the first single-digit issue of the series I picked up for my personal collection.  Steve Ditko's four-panel cover is very effective at showing what this comic is about.  "See why I'm called the Sandman?!!!" the character says after[...]
The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Marvel, 1966) featuring Mary Jane's iconic moment.
From a collector's perspective, The Amazing Spider-Man is one of those comic book series that seems to have an important key in every other issue, particularly through the Silver and Bronze Ages There's a reason that Spider-Man has become one of the best-known fictional characters in the world, after all — his defining eras have[...]
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Amazing Spider-Man #70 preludes The Sinister War today, between anyone and everyone who has ever been in a Sinister Six, Sinister Seven, or Sinister Twelve grouping before, which also means recruiting a certain Dr Curt Connors, also known as The Lizard, who has been dealing with his… condition. And recalling Amazing Spider-Man #2 at the beginning[...]
Dammit, it was gonna be Marvel itself! Marvel has been pumping out Infinity Gauntlet retreads for several years now, and the latest is Infinite Destinies, a series of Summer annuals, and here's a preview of the latest chapter in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Enjoy. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2 INFD MARVEL COMICS MAY210553 MAY210554 – AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2 RON[...]