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Amazing Spider-Man Last Rites Tops Advance Reorders
Including J Michael Straczynski's Spider-Man storyline Sins Past... Credit: Marvel Amazing Spider-Man #55 Last Rites …that saw Gwen Stacy retconned to have had twins with Norman Osborn in Europe, while broken up from Peter Parker And then never mentioned again Twins that are then aged up, courtesy of Norman's Green Goblin DNA, to attack Peter Parker in modern-day[...]
Meet Gwen Stacy's New (Old) Boyfriend – Gwen Stacy #1 [SPOILERS]
After all, who can forget (no matter how hard they try) the story Sins Past, running through Amazing Spider-Man #509-#514, by J Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr., way back in the 2000s In Sins Past, it's revealed that Gwen Stacy had a sexual affair with Norman Osborn that resulted in two children, something she[...]
Marvel Brings Back Classic "Sins Past" Story in JMS Spider-Man Omnibus
Michael Straczynski had a very memorable run on Amazing Spider-Man in the mid-2000s, with notable improvements like "now Spider-Man has organic web-shooters like in the movies" and the unforgettable One More Day storyline, in which Spider-Man, totally keeping within his character, makes a deal with Mephisto that sacrifices his marriage, a storyline that was a[...]
Mindless Speculation: A Return to Sins Past? Will Slott/Immonen Bring THEM Back?
And hopefully, sometimes it turns out to be crazy good….other times…. Other times, you get J Michael Straczynski's Sins Past story line SPOILERS FOLLOW! A plot that saw two mysterious new threats hunting Spider-Man that would turn out to be Gwen Stacy's children….by Norman Osborn Because, yes, creepy, crazy old man sleeping with Peter Parker's first great[...]