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Preview: Magic Order 1 #1 by MArk Millar and Stuart Immonen
Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen are bringing back Magic Order with a sequel series to the original Image Comics series by Millar and Olivier Coipel, based on the TV proposal to Netflix The first series launched with a fictitious sales number that made headlines, what tricks will Millar bring to bear this time? Or is[...]
Stuart Immonen Joins Mark Millar for The Magic Order Vol 2 in October
In the back pages of Jupiter's Requiem, the final part in the Jupiter's Legacy series, is the word of the next Millarworld series, The Magic Order Vol 2 will no longer be drawn by co-creator Olivier Coipel but will be drawn by Millar's collaborator on Empress, Stuart Immonen A third volume will then be published,[...]
Travis Charest, Frank Quitely And More With Mark Millar in 2021/2022
This year that means announcing artists who will be working on new, unknown Millarworld books, owned by Netflix, published by Image Comics, in 2021 and 2022. As well as Mark Millar's own notebooks for The Magic Order vol 3 and 4, based on the TV series he created for Netflix and drawn by Olivier Coipel, Millar[...]
Marvel Cancels Stuart immonen Monograph Collection
Details here in the US, here in Canada, here in the UK. And in November, we were to be getting one for Stuart Immonen Details were here in the US, here in Canada, here in the UK. Bit it now seems that Marvel Comics has cancelled the Stuart Immonen Monograph, without explanation[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #800 cover by Alex Ross
Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stuart Immonen, Marcos Martin, and Mike Hawthorne deliver some good work in the last half Color artists Edgar Delgado, Java Tartaglia, Marte Gracia, Muntsa Vicente, and Jordie Bellaire deliver some consistently solid color work throughout. Amazing Spider-Man #800 art by Nick Bradshaw and Edgar Delgado Amazing Spider-Man #800 is hard to recommend at the price[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #799 cover by Alex Ross
Red Goblin saying, "My, Grandma, what big lies you have." Almost sent the book in the trash. Just kidding, I'd never do that to a comic book. Amazing Spider-Man #799 art by Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia Stuart Immonen's artwork continues to look good, but the action scenes are a part of what made this[...]
Spider-Man is Back in Black in Spider-Man #800
That would be retired at the behest of Mary Jane after an attack from Venom. Spider-Man #800 art by Stuart Immonen When Spidey's identity was public and Aunt May was shot by an assassin hired by Kingpin, Peter would bring back the Black Suit in the hopes of making a point with Wilson Fisk and anyone else[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #797 cover by Alex Ross
We have Flash Thompson! No first appearance, but Agent Anti-Venom is the bomb. Amazing Spider-Man #797 art by Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia Stuart Immonen joins up as the artist for this issue, and it's a good addition Immonen is a good artist who has his own unique realistic style Some panels could use[...]
Marvel Legacy
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Marvel Legacy #1 from Marvel Comics, written by Jason Aaron and featuring art by Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven, Chris Samnee, Russell Dauterman, Alex Maleev, Ed McGuiness, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Pepe Larraz, Jim Cheung, Daniel Acuna, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mike Deodato Jr., David Marquez and Matthew Wilson (damn, that's a lotta dudes),[...]
But then, that's not unheard of. For now, only time will tell, but once Marvel starts the ball rolling with these kinds of teasers, they usually like to keep it going. Marvel Legacy #1 Written by Jason Aaron Art by Daniel Acuna, Jim Cheung, Russell Dauterman, Esad Ribic, Greg Land, Stuart Immonen and more Cover by Joe Quesada It begins at the[...]
2017 Joe Shuster Awards Honor Canadian Comics Creativity
Nominees for this award are selected by a team of educators led by Jennifer Haines, MA, B.Ed., who is also the proprietor of Guelph, Ontario's The Dragon comic book shop. Canadian Comic Book Hall of Fame / Temple de la renommée Bandes Dessinées Canadien A lifetime achievement award honouring Canadian comic book creators (artists, writers, cartoonists, editors[...]
New Avengers
However, it could generally navigate those well enough, though a couple of AvX issues live in infamy with me, one entirely about Hope Summers training at K'un Lun and the other being entirely a simulation by Danger of the X-Men. Stuart Immonen did the art on the first few issues, Daniel Acuna picked up one, and the Mike[...]