Monsters Unleashed in Eternal Autumn And Why That's Cool!


By Chris Delloiacono

Everybody that writes has a story they want to tell, but there's also a personal narrative behind the scenes that's pretty amazing as well. Right now, my longtime friend and collaborator Daron Kappauff and I are in the midst of a Kickstarter for the comic Eternal Autumn. We still have more than two weeks left and already have achieved our initial funding goal. It's been an odyssey of nearly a decade to get to the point where we've found an audience willing to help us publish our dream project.

Initially, Eternal Autumn was going to be straight up zombie mayhem, but Robert Kirkman crafted a story that's a hard act to follow. Thus, our plans began to move towards a more inclusive monsters unleashed type of tale.

Over the years, we engaged with a number of artists to flesh out our world. Nothing seemed to work out until we met Iwan Nazif. He was finally able to make the story come alive with crazy energy. He's able to balance a wide array of monsters, creepy settings, kinetic action, and lend the characters an array of emotions. Comics are a visual medium and, man, I feel like these pages pulse with eye popping life.

So, you might ask, what's the comic about?


Well, Eternal Autumn is a future where monsters have overrun the Earth and hunted humanity to near extinction. How? It all fell apart when a desperate Vampire Kingdom unleashed a swarm of zombies upon the Werewolf Nation. It was a desperate bid to end the war between these monsters once and for all. Instead, the chaos created a global extinction event that obliterated, humans, the natural resource vamps and werewolves need to grow their own armies.

The world has melted down into what is essentially feudal houses of monsters bent on survival. The story follows a small group of people as they navigate the shattered world in hopes of finding a mythical city of humans that hasn't been overtaken by the monsters.

At its heart, Eternal Autumn will be a road trip of through their hellish everyday reality. While we start with vampires, werewolves, and zombies, that's not all the book is about. Imagine this comic as the world that resulted if Mulder & Scully didn't stop their monster of the week! Perhaps you could think of it as the end result of the case that Sam & Dean could not resolve. This is a world where all the monsters have creeped up from the depths to hunt for something to haunt, terrorize, or obliterate.

It all sounds like a pretty dark place, and don't get me wrong, it is! Eternal Autumn is a horror book through and through, but it's also loaded with action and adventure. One of the key pieces Daron and I decided is that this is about a group of people fixing the world and rising above chaos. We are glass-half-full types of people and as bad as the world gets, we know that humanity will find a way.

As we begin, it's been fifty years since the fall of mankind, so almost all technology is gone. We decided to blend in steampunk elements as a way to feature bits of technology in Eternal Autumn and try to make the book stand out amongst so many other amazing comic books that are already on the shelf.

Let me get back to the art. We've also got a Phil Hester doing our regular cover, and a realistic stretch goal that would see Kyle Rayner's co-creator Darryl Banks drawing a variant cover. A variant that every physical backer gets IF we hit that stretch goal.

For you kind reader, we'd also like to offer a special trading card of our promotional image to anyone that backs us and adds the code "BCool" at checkout! How's that for a thank you!

Would you like more?

As an extra special enticement to the readers of Bleeding Cool, we are putting this out there to you, if we reach $10,000, all backers will also receive issue #2 with a cover by another industry legend. So you'll get issue 1 and 2 for the same amount! It's not Christmas yet, or we'd offer you a partridge in a pear tree as well.

All jokes aside, 10k may seem like a lofty number, but we funded our initial goal in seven days, and have more than two weeks to go in the campaign. It's a realistic goal that we are nearly halfway to reaching. Check us out, back us if you can, but just help us spread the word and you'll get double the horror!

If you like what you seen and read check us out on Kickstarter at:


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