More Secrets From All-New All-Different Marvel – Human Torch And Rogue? Really?

We've already looked at another tease as to what may have befallen the mutant race in the eight months after the not-actually-happened-yet end of Secret Wars, but what else has been happening, revealed in today's Marvel Comics in the second week of their relaunch. Catch the first week revelations here.

We already have a better idea of what happened to all the X-Men. So let's start with the Fantastic Four. The Thing has joined the Guardians Of The Galaxy amidst cosmic wordplay between Rocet Raccoon and the Kitty Pryde Starlord.


While the Human Torch has joined the Uncanny Avengers, and we already know is getting down with Inhuman Queen Medusa.



Indeed there's the suggestion that he might have gotten friendly with Rogue during that eight months as well. But what about Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Woman?


Gone. The word we had all those many months ago was "mourning"…

IMG_0025 Though one variant of Reed in New Avengers survived the Secret Wars and is doing bad things.

IMG_0023Spider-Man 2099 also has another survivor from that Secret Wars domain, the Captain America of the future, possibly less political than the Captain America of a hundred years away. As for the history of the cosmos there have been changes there too…

IMG_0020The Kree home world gone? And there are new and revamped characters…

IMG_0027Dum Dum in New Avengers, now "Ghost Robot Frankenstein" is so much better than Life Model Decoy.


Mind controlling Synapse of Uncanny Avengers

Pod, now one of the main New Avengers…


A couple of new Inhumans…


While Spider-Gwen? Basically, as you were…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Where, in conjunction with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Orbital is pleased to present French artist Boulet in a special live-draw event with whiskey tasting on October 19th. Book now…


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