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Jonathan Hickman On His Original Inferno Plans For Rogue
Rogue was absent from the recent X-Men: Inferno, despite her life being all twined up in those of the book's antagonists Mystique and Destiny The story saw Mystique disguised as Charles Xavier, see Hope Summer take his role in the Krakoan resurrection process and bring Destiny back from the dead Talking to the Xplain The[...]
Fisrt Appearance Of The X-Men's Rogue To Set Records At Auction
We have just seen Rogue joining the new X-Men #1 team in the comics While also in the comics, the nature of Madelyne Pryor's existence has become key with the upcoming Inferno series written by Jonathan Hickman from Marvel Comics (initiated by Rogue's foster-mother Mystique) Throw in the confusion over Krakoan clone law that is leading[...]
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The artwork of Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles is great at framing these scenes as iconic — Rogue's looking ready for a poster with her flight over Manhattan and the X-Men borrowing a page from after school cartoons is a great visual smorgasbord. The challenge, alas, is in their opposition You can't see how[...]
Who Won The Columbia 10-Speed Racer On Avengers Annual #10?
And featuring the first appearance of the X-Men characters, Rogue and Madelyne Pryor. Who Won The Columbia 10-Speed Racer On Avengers Annual #10? Not that you'd recognise them so much Rogue first appears as a villain, part of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants Who had just put Carol Danvers into a coma, by stealing her powers and[...]
X:Men – Norm Spencer, Cyclops Voice Actor Passes, Cal Dodd Confirms
Lenore Zann, who provided the voice of Rogue in the Fox series, shared her memories of the actor "Love this interview with Norm," she tweeted "His humour was always so self-deprecating Our pal Would have loved to see him again, shared some stories about our show, and laughed with him and @realcaldodd about the JumboTron[...]
The X-Men Animated Cartoon Are the Newest FiGPiN Arrivals
Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, and Jubliee are all back and ready for action right from the animated series Jubliee will however have a chase version that is sparkly compared to her normal counterpart Going off of her fireworks style of powers, this the perfect way to tribute that beloved character from the X-Men cartoon. The X-Men Animated[...]
X-Men Rogue and Pyro Get Exclusive Marvel Legends 2-Pack
Rogue and Pyro are here and duking it own with this new figure set The Marvel Legends X-Men line has been dropping quite a few new 2-pack figures with excellent artwork and a great set of accessories Both figures will come with interchangeable heads featuring different combat emotions Pyro will be getting some flame effects[...]
Megan Fox Stars As A Mercenary In New Film Rouge, Coming August 28th
Megan Fox stars in new action-thriller Rogue as a mercenary who not only has to deal with rebels in a foreign land, but also a pack of enraged lions The film also stars Greg Kriek, Jessica Sutton, Calli Taylor, Brandon Auret, Adam Deacon, and Sisanda Henna The film is co-written by M.J Bassett and her daughter[...]
HyperX has formed a new sponsorship with both the London Royal Ravens and Rogue.
HyperX announced a brand new sponsorship deal this morning with two esports teams as they have inked new deals with the London Royal Ravens and Rogue As part of the deal, The Royal Ravens will soon be showing off their new decked-out training facility equipped with branded gear Which will be featured during their Call[...]
London Toy Fair Funko Pop Reveals - X-Men Rogue and Gambit
The two love birds Rogue and Gambit are finally making their first Funko Pop debuts Each one will come will a retailer variant like Rouge is getting Hot Topic exclusive that features the same head mold but gives her a flying body Gambit, on the other hand, will be getting an Entertainment Earth Exclusive that[...]
Wolverine Slashes His Way with New Statue from Iron Studios
We have already seen Rogue and Beast and this time it's for your favorite hairy Canadian Wolverine Logan jumps into action with his statue featuring his iconic yellow in a blue costume There's quite a great amount of detail on the statue from the emotion on his face, to his arms and even his claws[...]
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Rogue has had quite a complicated past with the X-Men Originally a member of the Brotherhood of Evil only to turn her sights from fighting the X-Men to joining them Recently announced from Iron Studios was a gigantic X-Men vs Sentinel battle diorama statue Since then Iron Studios has seemingly announced that each of the[...]
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"Fortnite" Player DrLupo Signs Multi-Year Deal With ReKTGlobal
According to the announcement this morning, the terms of the multi-year deal will have Lupo serving as the face of their main esports team Rogue through "appearances, streams, and sponsorship activations" As well as working with the organization on other business and initiatives like Rogue Nation and Junior Rogue How much the deal is for[...]