HyperX has formed a new sponsorship with both the London Royal Ravens and Rogue.

HyperX Forms New Sponsorship With London Royal Ravens & Rogue

HyperX announced a brand new sponsorship deal this morning with two esports teams as they have inked new deals with the London Royal Ravens and Rogue. As part of the deal, The Royal Ravens will soon be showing off their new decked-out training facility equipped with branded gear. Which will be featured during their Call […]

London Toy Fair Funko Pop Reveals - X-Men Rogue and Gambit

London Toy Fair Funko Pop Reveals – X-Men Rogue and Gambit

The X-Men is one of my favorite lines in the Marvel series of Funko Pops. With such a long cast of characters from decades of comic books, you would think there would be a lot of them. This is not the case so when I saw more X-Men were coming I prepare my wallet. This […]

Wolverine Slashes His Way with New Statue from Iron Studios

Wolverine Slashes His Way with New Statue from Iron Studios

Wolverine is the best at what he does! With his first cameo appearance in The Incredible Hulk #180 and his full-fledged issue appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181 Wolverine has been a fan-favorite hero since the '80s. He has died, been resurrected, traveled to Japan and even to space and back. Iron Studios has recently announced a massive X-Men versus […]

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Rogue Drains Our Wallets with New Iron Studios Statue

Rogue has had quite a complicated past with the X-Men. Originally a member of the Brotherhood of Evil only to turn her sights from fighting the X-Men to joining them. Recently announced from Iron Studios was a gigantic X-Men vs. Sentinel battle diorama statue. Since then Iron Studios has seemingly announced that each of the […]



It's Tuesday morning. The mind wanders… and politics and comic books combine.     Shut up, I don't care. Although saying that, any criticism in the comments will ensure I never do this again. Or, ensure I do it anyway in some Nixonian internally-destructive psychological 'I'll-show-em' fashion. Your call. I apologise now.

"Fortnite" Player DrLupo Signs Multi-Year Deal With ReKTGlobal

"Fortnite" Player DrLupo Signs Multi-Year Deal With ReKTGlobal

Some big news today for Fortnite streamer/player Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo, who has signed a multi-year deal with ReKTGlobal. According to the announcement this morning, the terms of the multi-year deal will have Lupo serving as the face of their main esports team Rogue through "appearances, streams, and sponsorship activations". As well as working with the […]

Kelly Thompson Hopes Rogue and Gambit Stay Together After Mr. and Mrs. X Finale

Kelly Thompson Hopes Rogue and Gambit's Marriage Isn't Undone

Yesterday, we learned that Kelly Thompson will be the new writer of Deadpool alongside artist Chris Bachalo. But the Mr. and Mrs. X writer still has something to say about the recently-ended series starring everyone's favorite married X-couple, Rogue and Gambit. Specifically, Thompson shared her thoughts with on what she hopes the future of […]

X-ual Healing

How Many Kids Does Wolverine Have, Anyway?! [X-ual Healing 6-26-19]

As the lame duck session of X-Men continues into its final month, ahead of Jonathan Hickman's line-wide reboot of the franchise, more X-books came to an end last week. Plus, we've got a new Claremont comic this week. Yay! Lots to unpack here, six issues and over 3500 words of recap, so let's jump right […]

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

In the final issue of Mr. and Mrs. X, Gambit is presented with an unpleasant choice by Candra, who has united the Thieves and Assassins guild, captured Gambit, and then captured Rogue when she tried to rescue Gambit. But before we get to that, let's enjoy some naked Gambit from this preview of Mr. and […]

Tainy and Lex Borrero Join ReKTGlobal as Latest Investors

Tainy and Lex Borrero Join ReKTGlobal as Latest Investors

ReKTGlobal just got a couple of new investors today as it was announced this morning that Tainy and Lex Borrero have joined on. The two have come in with a primary focus on the Latin American market, and join Steve Aoki and Imagine Dragons as co-owners of ReKTGlobal, the parent company of global esports team […]

'Captain Marvel'#4: Rogue Goes Full Carol Danvers *SPOILERS

'Captain Marvel'#4: Rogue Goes Full Carol Danvers *SPOILERS

Captain Marvel and Rogue are at it again in this week's Captain Marvel #4, as the pair have multiple smackdowns thanks to the Nuclear Man and his barrier. Fans will appreciate the nods to their shared history, and their scenes together pay homage in a great way with great pencils by Carmen Carnero. As someone […]

Nuclear Man Has an Engagement Present for Carol Danvers in Next Week's Captain Marvel #4

Nuclear Man Has an Engagement Present for Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel #4

There's a momentous occasion coming to the Marvel Universe soon. Somebody is getting married in the pages of Captain Marvel. We don't know when the wedding issue will be, but Nuclear Man has already gotten a sweet wedding present for his bride-to-be in the pages of Captain Marvel. He's captured her old nemesis, Rogue, slapped […]

Let's Take a Look at the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Mystique

Marvel Legends mutant collectors: it is never going to get better than this. For the last couple years, Hasbro has made it a point to push out as many X-Men-related figures as possible, to mostly glowing results. They still have a ways to go to cross off some big names, but the latest Walgreens exclusive […]

Is Spiral a Princess Bride Fan? Tomorrow's Mr. and Mrs. X #7

Marvel chose to end 2018 by screwing us out of our weekend article material by not releasing previews for its comics hitting stores tomorrow. What, you people think you deserve a vacation?! Get back to work and send out those press releases, dammit! Even the award-winning Twitter account of Matthew Rosenberg let us down this […]

Gambit's Dad Pays a Visit in Next Week's Mr. and Mrs. X #6

After finally making it back from their space honeymoon, and in one piece at that, Rogue and Gambit are finally throwing a party to make up for the engagement party they didn't get to have due to their wedding being a last-minute bait-and-switch in the Kitty Pryde/Colossus wedding issue. And one of the guests in […]

Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Joker 7

New Joker Sixth Scale Figure Up For Order Today From Sideshow Collectibles

Joker is getting a new Sixth Scale figure release from Sideshow Collectibles. This Clown Prince of Crime figure comes with a tailored fabric costume, multiple pairs of interchangeable hands, a gag gun, a knife, a Joker card, a cane, a crowbar, and more. That grinning face portrait is truly sinister and perfect for this figure […]

When in Doubt, Make Out! A Mr. and Mrs. X #4 Preview

In Mr. and Mrs. X #4, Rogue and Gambit are on a mission to rescue Xandra, the genetically-engineered child of Charles Xavier and Lilandra Nermini. Unfortunately, they've already gotten themselves captured, which could put a damper on their plans. But when things look their darkest, it isn't time to give up. There's a solution to […]

Marvel Preview Reveals Rogue is Secret Daughter of Professor X and Lilandra

In Mr. and Mrs. X, by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua, newlyweds Rogue and Gambit are doing their best to enjoy a honeymoon in space that's gone completely off the rails. But though they should be the ones making babies, it seems that's already been taken care of by two characters who are currently deceased. Or […]