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Mystique And Destiny "Be Gay Do Crime" At Their Wedding (Spoilers)

Last year at CCXP Luciano Vecchio was selling this print of Mystique and Destiny with the slogan "Be Gay. Do Crime."

Last year at São Paulo's CCXP comic convention, Luciano Vecchio, artist of Immortal X-Men, was selling this print of Mystique and Destiny with the slogan "Be Gay. Do Crime." Which is a little easier if one can shape-shift into anyone or anything, and the other always knows what's coming next.

Mystique And Destiny - Be Gay, Do Crime at CCXP
Signed print of Mystique and Destiny by Luciano Vecchio from CCXP

At the time, they were separated by time, space and dimension in the comic books. We thought that their reunion was probably just an issue or two away, but it took a little longer. But in celebration of the union of the couple who are, more than anyone, responsible for Moira Mactaggert turning bad and the whole Krakoan experiment collapsing. Destiny really should have seen that all coming and been less mean. But hey, they are the bad guys and, as Tom Brevoort points out, the X-Men line is in need of those right now.

Marvel Coca-Cola

This week sees the X-Men Wedding Special, telling the story of Mystique's marriage to Destiny, which got skipped over at some point. So even as the Krakoan Age ends in tragedy (probably), there's somewhat of a happy segue. And Mystique being called a Bisexual Menace which she'd probably put on a T-Shirt. After all there's no one quite as fluid as Raven Darkholme.

Marvel Coca-Cola

And theirs is a story that has lasted longer than a century, and survived repeated deaths along the way.

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A wedding at the Avengers Mansion for two supposedly reformed X-Men villains? Conducted by their biological son Nightcrawler, with adopted daughter Rogue in attendance? What could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing for Destiny and Nightcrawler.

Marvel Coca-Cola

And Rogue says the thing. "Be Gay, Do Crime". A slogan/meme used by queer activists and protestors, promoting freedom from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or identification. It first appeared online in 2016, spraypainted onto a wall in Marseille. It was the title of a DC Pride comic in 2021 by Sina Grace, Ro Stein and Ted Brandt for DC Pride with Drummer Boy and Pied Piper. It was also the title of a Marvel Voices: Pride comic by Sarah Gailey and Baile Rosenlund in 2023 with the Black Cat.

But now it's a dialogue in a main continuity X-Men comic book and from Rogue of all people. Did writer Kieron take it for Destiny and Mystique from Luciano, did Luciano know it was coming, or was it just in the air waiting to be plucked?

Marvel Coca-Cola

They really do, don't they? To see just how far, X-Men: Wedding Special #1 by Kieron Gillen, Tate Brombal, Tini Howard, Wyatt Kennedy, Emilio Pilliu, Jenn St. Onge, Phillip Sevy and Rachael Stott, is published on Wednesday.

(W) Kieron Gillen, Yoon Ha Lee, Various (A) Various (CA) Jan Bazaldua
Mystique and Destiny are one of the most beloved – and longest running – gay couples in history. Somewhere in their 100+ years together, the pair married, but we've never seen the event on the page. This year, Marvel's Voices: Pride makes history with Marvel's first woman-to-woman wedding! And with a couple as complex as these two, you know there's a lot more to the story. We promise party crashing! Villainy! Romance! In the classic tradition of Fantastic Four Annual #3 and X-Men #30, this anthology will be a must-read for every comics fan. Featuring the Marvel debuts of award-winning writers Yoon Ha Lee (Ninefox Gambit, Machineries of Empire) and M. Louis (Agents of the Realm), and much more talent to be announced! Rated T+In Shops: May 29, 2024 SRP: $9.99

Mystique was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum for Ms Marvel #16 in 1978, and Destiny was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne for Marvel X-Men comics in 1981 as part of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants and the Days Of Future Past storyline, but their role has significantly widened since. Intended to be a couple at a time when this could hardly be alluded to; it would only be in the nineties, and after Destiny's death, that this would be confirmed. With the shapeshifting Mystique revealed as the mother of Nightcrawler, Chris Claremont intended for her to be Nightcrawler's father and Destiny his mother, but it was not to be.

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