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The Grateful Dead X-Men
As last week's X-Men #5 shows (though some stores may only be receiving it today (or next week)) there are ructions afoot over the revelations that mutants have been bringing themselves back from the dead on the island of Krakoa, as Daily Bugle hack Ben Urich is on the case. X-Men #5 Though the X-Men and Krakoans[...]
S.W.O.R.D. #10 Review: A Big Swing
Whether that justification is enough or there's something rotten in Denmark (or Krakoa), that's left for the reader to decide. S.W.O.R.D #10 Cover Credit: Marvel Comics The wheelchair-bound technopath Wiz Kid lets the reader in on a secret, one he's been hiding and one where his rationales can be seen from whatever certain point of view you[...]
Krakoan Tales Of X-Men
Rob Liefeld is not a big fan of the current Krakoan X-Men comic books, and has said as much Nevertheless scripter Chad Bowers gives it a nod in today's X-Force: Killshot One-Shot, with Cable teaming upo with past, future and parallel versions of himself, Deadpool and Major X. He does not keep out of the way,[...]
Marvel Comics Publishes
Spring 2022." Which may be whatever spins out of upcoming X-Men, Inferno and Trial Of Magneto comic books, that have seen Destiny revived on the island of Krakoa, against the intentions of the Quiet Council, and especially Moira Mactaggert As a) Destiny tortured her to death in a previous lifetime and b) can see whatever[...]
The Mutant Rules of Krakoa In Today’s X-Men Comics (Spoilers)
Welcome to Krakoan X-Men Today, a regular look around the day's Krakoan-set comic books And while we learned that we will get more X-Men: Green to come, this week's finale is all about the Krakoan Laws for mutant citizens of the island – and spin-off planet They are 1) Make more mutants; 2) Murder no[...]
The Mutant Rules of Krakoa In Today’s X-Men Comics (Spoilers)
Or as Wolverine refers to them… Marvel Comics Promises X-Men: Green Will Return …The Greenies. X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (2021) #5 Published: September 27, 2021 Creators Gerry Duggan and Emilio Laiso kick off a new arc in this anthology series straight from the island of Krakoa! Nature Girl witnesses an injustice and the human world will pay[...]
Auto Draft
Whether you are in the United States of America or in the magical Otherworld, mutants seem to be an increasing problem, and the establishment of Krakoa only seems to have exacerbated that of late Indeed, it has put a target on people's heads So, as Orphan-Maker goes after The Right to rescue his robot brother…. Hellions[...]
S.W.O.R.D. #9 Review: Canada Goes Racist
The Shi'ar Imperial Guard are on hand to bring their adolescent empress for a diplomatic visit since the mutant nation of Krakoa colonized Mars Yes, people who hate mutants are, of course, very peeved at the idea of them having a whole planet to themselves Who is the Imperial Guard? Well, many years ago, Claremont[...]
Marvel Comics X-Men Wolverine Marauders Inferno Krakoa
Peter Gyrich being a member of Orchis, the alliance of former Hydra, AIM, SHIELD and other operatives to eliminate the mutant threat with Sentinels, Nimrods, Master Molds and whatever they need is par for the course.   SWORD #9 But James Hudson, Guardian of Alpha Flight, who has fought alongside the X-Men and many mutants, including Wolverine, Aurora,[...]
Pages From Sabretooth #1 - And Another Month's Delay?
They show Charles Xavier condemning Sabretooth to the Krakoan pit, as a result of breaking the Krakoan law Murder No Man. Sabretooth #1 artwork by Leonard Kirk But then we see Sabretooth in the snowy forests, potentially of Canada, but snow does get everywhere Maybe even on Krakoa? Seemingly disturbed by visitors and ready for a fight. Sabretooth[...]
X-Men The Trial Of Magneto #3 Review: Trying Your Patience
Of course, had anyone read the actual issue where they interacted, that would immediately not pass the sniff test, but to be fair, it doesn't seem that Krakoa gets any shipments from Diamond Comics Distributors The mutant "government" such as it is rushed to put Magneto on trial … without a clear investigation, without representation,[...]
Welcome To Krakoa, X-Men (Spoilers)
In a very terminal fashion. Breaking the Krakoan law, Murder No Man. Though Nature Girl has greater sympathies for other creatures. And making themselves a mission statement How will they sleep at night? Because over in X-Men #4, Nightmare is making a new throuple for the Marvel Universe Seriously what will Wolverine say? The other Wolverine, I mean[...]
Solicits For X Lives And X Deaths Of Wolverine
In the same way Jonathan Hickman's HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X transformed the mutant mythos in 2019, these twin series will usher in The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men, releasing on an alternate weekly schedule, starting with X LIVES OF WOLVERINE #1 on January 5. Having been the character's chief storyteller for the past[...]
In today's New Mutants #22, The Shadow King tries to define what Krakoa is, and what it might mean to mutantdom You know because a psychic mutant tyrant is the guy you always turn to for diplomatic and international relationship advice. New Mutants #22 But he believes its time is rather limited. New Mutants #22 It does have a[...]