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Krakoa And Brexit
Such as medicines derived from mutant sentient vegetation like the island of Krakoa Logistics UK calculates that since January 2021, around half of its businesses have had exports to Northern Ireland delayed or cancelled due to the challenges of the new border requirements. Sausages are one product that has hit the headlines Under Brexit, England, Scotland[...]
Magneto Killed The Scarlet Witch - Or Was It Mystique?
She came to Krakoa in SWORD #6 They were seen dancing in Way Of X #3 Her body was found in X-Factor #10 The second printing cover shows Magneto's helmet covered in blood And Cyclops joked to Magneto's actual, daughter about her being the murderer in X-Men #1 – which was really weird. The Scarlet Witch[...]
Way Of X #4 – And What The Mars Terraformers Forgot (Spoilers)
Since the publication of Planet-Sized X-Men #1, I have enjoyed amateur scientists weighing up what the mutants of Krakoa and Arakko did, terraforming Mars into a mutant home From Magneto bringing in an iron core, Oceans and fertile land being created, Iceman forming coeanic sheets, Storm controlling and creating an atmosphere and more But plenty[...]
Are Victor LaValle & Marco Checchetto On a Storm Arakko X-Men Comic?
No sign of Victor in the listing though… Marvel Comics: X-Men: Welcome to life under the Reign of X! From the start of the Hellfire Gala right through its show-stopping conclusion, Marvel's magnificent mutant mavens have led the new nation of Krakoa through some of the biggest changes the X-Men have ever seen Ryan Penagos, aka[...]
The New X-Men Big Bad, Cordyceps (X-Men #1 Spoilers)
You may have come across them in The Last of Us. Krakoa is a society formed by vegetation, including the new New York headquarters in X-Men #1 But in X-Force, they have been weaponising plants and fungi to attack Terra Verdea with unanswered questions about how Krakoa may be affecting its own mutants Could they have[...]
At the end of SWORD #6, we saw a reunion of Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff with her once-supposed father Magneto, on the island of Krakoa By the end of X-Factor #10, the Scarlet Witch was dead, murdered, with Magneto and his bloody helmet the prime suspect Quite the cliffhanger, even if life continues on at[...]
How Did Jumbo Carnation Really Die? (X-Men #1 Spoilers)
Only to be set upon by a group of human ruffians. But while attacking him, something very bad happens to Jumbo and he starts to liquefy. Something that the rest of the young X-Men do not take kindly to. Especiually given the high standing of Jumbo Carnation amongst the kids. A few issues later, in New X-Men #137, with[...]
All Cyclops Wanted Was A Treehouse (X-Men #1 Spoilers)
Much has been made of Cyclops being involved in a throuple or threesome on Krakoa with Jean Grey and Wolverine Mostly by Bleeding Cool, to be fair But is it possible that someone misheard Scott Summers and what he really, really wanted was a treehouse? In today's X-Men #1 by Gerry Duggan (doing his very[...]
The Children Of The Atom's Origins Finally Revealed (Spoilers)
And the Krakoan text pages reveal all the characters, the powers, and how they are The Children Of The Atom's Origins Finally Revealed (Spoilers) A STUDY POWERFUL GEAR BY THE CHILDREN OF THE ATOM Source: Alien technology of unknown origin Beatrice "Buddy" Bartholomew, A.K.A Cyclops-Lass Heatbeam/laser-cutting tech inside her visor The kids theorize that this is welding technology. Gabriel "Gabe"[...]
Cable #11 Review: Buddy Comedy Chemistry
With a surprising bit of buddy comedy chemistry, time travel drapes itself over another tale of the Summers family drama with a spicy new side of dressing from the island of Krakoa Cable #11 finds time to do a lot of things, even if it cuts its own narrative short to get it done. Cable #11[...]
Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon?
The second printing cover to X-Factor #10 is rather stark, Magneto's silver helmet that he wears on Krakoa, no longer on his head, and covered in blood Spoilers going forward of course, you have been warned. Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon? Presuming that of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, once thought to be his mutant daughter[...]
Ivan Fiorelli Finally Gets To Draw the X-Men in Marauders #23
It's always nice to see someone's dreams come true – might there be more X-Men in his future now that he's had a sweet taste of Krakoan sugar? X-Men portfolio art by Ivan Fiorelli X-Men portfolio art by Ivan Fiorelli X-Men portfolio art by Ivan Fiorelli X-Men portfolio art by Ivan Fiorelli X-Men portfolio art by Ivan Fiorelli X-Men portfolio art[...]
Cable, Krakoan Clones And Setting Up An Early Inferno? (Spoilers)
A little while ago in the Krakoan X-Men comic book Hellions, when Madelyne Pryor died, we discovered a new policy on the island of Krakoa As part of the new X-Men status, mutants who die can be resurrected courtesy of Cerebro and The Five But one of their rules is that they will not resurrect[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adds X-Factor As It Comes To An End
This month saw Marvel Comics' Hellfire Gala – the X-Men crossover event that is a) just a big party, b) a major diplomatic event for Krakoa, and c) something really big is going down We have continued to take timestamps and tried to line the events up from this week and last into one Hellfire[...]
S.W.O.R.D. #6 Review: Let’s Talk Character
Credit: Marvel If you've been sleeping under a rock and missed it, the mutant nation of Krakoa used the terraforming of Mars as a finale for their diplomatic event, peopling most of the planet with the brutal, bloodthirsty mutants of Arrako Here, they make a political show of that with their galactic neighbors, offering their new[...]