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New X-Men Team For 2022, Spinning Out Of Onslaught/Way Of X (Spoilers)

Today sees the publication of X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation comic that acts as a cap for Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn's Way Of X series, looking at the philosophical and religious ideas underpinning the Krakoan X-Men comic books published by Marvel over the last few years. But as well as a cap, could it be a spring, a launchpad, a spark to something else?

New X-Men Team For 2022, Spinning Out Of Onslaught/Way Of X (Spoilers)
X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation

Because w  also get a tease of a new superhero team that will spin out of this book. And we get an idea of their make-up, including the return of a certain Cain Marko, Juggernaut.

New X-Men Team For 2022, Spinning Out Of Onslaught/Way Of X (Spoilers)
X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation

As well as Nightcrawler, Pixie, Doctor Nemesis, Forgetmenot and Blindfold. Intended as an astral plane team of protectors stopping things like the Onslaught Invasion in the future, more like guards than police, and preserving the innate rebellion of Krakoa, we may even have a name for them.

New X-Men Team For 2022, Spinning Out Of Onslaught/Way Of X (Spoilers)
X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation

Are we to look for The Legionaries from Si Spurrier and maybe Bob Quinn in 2022? It is worth noting that Nightcrawler creator Dave Cockrum originally intended Nightcrawler for his run on Legion Of Superheroes over at DC Comics. Initially, an alien demon sidekick he had created while serving with the Navy in Guam, years later Cockrum suggested introducing Nightcrawler as a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. However, editor Murray Boltinoff thought the character was too bizarre even for the Legion. Cockrum later added him to his pitch for The Outsiders, set in Legion continuity, but this was also rejected. Handily Cockrum was able to add the character, as well as Storm, Colossus, Sunfire, and Thunderbird to the Giant-Sized X-Men revamp for Marvel. And now? Looks like Nightcrawler is a Legionnaire – or a Legionary – just as originally intended.

A legionary was a professional heavy infantryman of the Roman army after the Marian reforms, who would would conquer and defend the territories of ancient Rome during the late Republic and Principate eras, alongside auxiliary and cavalry detachments. They were first predominantly made up of recruits from Roman Italy, but more were recruited from the provinces as time went on. As legionaries moved into newly conquered provinces, they helped Romanize the native population and helped integrate the disparate regions of the Roman Empire into one polity. Legionaries were expected to fight, but they also built much of the infrastructure of the Roman Empire and served as a policing force in the provinces. They built large public works projects, such as walls, bridges, and roads. Once retired, after 25 years of service, a Roman legionary received a parcel of land or its equivalent in money and often became a prominent member of society. Could we see a similar role for Krakoans?

(W) Si Spurrier (A) Bob Quinn (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
•  The X-Men's greatest foe, mutantkind's primal evil, slithers in the minds of its most senior leaders…
•  The kids whisper of the CRUCI-BALL: a party to end all parties. A party to end everything.
•  The seals are broken, the trumpets have sounded; only a small band of eccentric mutants can hope to break the fall…
•  Can Nightcrawler light the spark that will drive out the shadows… or will Krakoa slip into the abyss…?
Parental Advisory In Shops: Sep 22, 2021 SRP: $4.99

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