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New Youngblood Publisher Terrific Production LLC Predicts Democrats Will Win 2020

New Youngblood publisher Terrific Production LLC has a prediction about the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential election, and they're so confident, they've repeated it fifteen times and counting.

If you haven't been following along, here's the deal with Terrific. Andrew Rev's Terrific Production LLC recently acquired the rights to Youngblood, a matter which Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld was not pleased with, causing Liefeld to drop any involvement with the property and Image to remove all Youngblood comics from digital storefronts. After a lengthy and oddball interview with Bleeding Cool's own Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, Rev joined Twitter and began trolling Liefeld. Since then, Rev has been working to recruit comic book writers and artists to Terrific Production with a series of increasingly bizarre and outrageous tweets. The most recent involved a feud with Image founder Erik Larsen and award-winning novelist Brian Keene over creator's rights.

Terrific's prediction is that Democrats will win the election, regardless of who is nominated, based on a poll of the company's "Totally Terrific Comic Readers," who can be counted amongst the company's more than 300 Twitter followers.

In order to make sure poll results as important as these are seen by as many people as possible, Terrific has taken to tweeting the results individually at various comic book websites, including Bleeding Cool, Newsarama, CBR, and ComicsBeat, entertainment websites like Variety and THR, and fried chicken websites like

Additionally, Terrific has targeted celebrities and jounralists such as Mehdi Hasan, Judd Apatow, and Dan Rather to receive updates on this poll.

And to be extra sure, Terrific has also tweeted the results at politicians including Michigan congressional Representative and Squad Member Ilhan Omar, and even the President himself.

Will Terrific Production's predictions turn out to be correct? Will Donald Trump, seeing their wisdom, appoint them to the cabinet? Will they continue to send this same tweet to every user on the social media service?

Tune in next time to find out!

As for non-political comic book publishing operations of Terrific Production LLC, the company reports that is receiving lots of submissions, and will apply a stringent hiring process to potential applicants.

Terrific also notes that they have received Youngblood submissions, and seems to have gone from refusing to mention Rob Liefeld's name in an interview to referring to the superstar artist as "The Great Master."

Hmmm, this Leonardo DaVinci fellow sounds like he has potential. Maybe Terrific should hire him and make him a star.

The saga continues…

New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous

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