Nightwing to Get a Brand-New Direction in the DC Universe [Spoilers]

Discussed in at least one bar at Toronto's Fan Expo this weekend — but notably not mentioned at the DC Nation panel — is a planned new direction for the Nightwing comic book.

That, fresh from destroying Batman's marriage to Catwoman in Batman #50, Bane has put a hit on Nightwing. And, without any cowl to protect him, Dick Grayson is shot in the head.

He lives. But has forgotten everything.

And rather than resolve this in an issue or two, this will be the new ongoing status of Dick Grayson. Dealing with the real world trauma — and without a super-filled Sanctuary to make him feel better.

This comic could become the anti-Heroes in Crisis — which is why it seemed to be a subject of much gossip in Toronto. Add to the fact that it will be a different way of dealing with him, at odds with the Titans TV show. And maybe delineating the comic book version a little.

Maybe we'll discover more at New York Comic Con?

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