No Nonplayer #2 Yet – But There Is A $1.4 Million Kickstarter For Nate Simpson's Human Resources

In 2011, there was a comic book from Nate Simpson published by Image Comics. It was called Nonplayer. It was amazing and it looked like this.

nonplayer (2)

And this.


Heavy underordered for this Geof Darrow/Moebius/Chris Ware smash up of gaming and real life, the first issue soon started selling on eBay for $50.

But then issue 2 was late. Very late. Then Nate Simpson was in a bicycle accident and broke things. It got a lot later. He had a kid. It got even later. And people forgot Nonplayer.

Well some of them did. We didn't. The comic had been optioned as a movie by Warner Bros, there was a screenplay being written by Jane Goldman , it was to be produced by David Heyman and we kept getting bits. Like this page from issue 2…


And it still sells for $10.

Well, we have an update! Nate posted,

Shockingly, the second issue is not yet complete. I have continued to wake up between the hours of 3 and 4 in the morning to place art-pebbles on the pile, and that pile is now looking very much like a complete book. There is some polish yet to do, but I'm far enough along that an untrained, partially-blind observer might think it was done.

It has seemed at times like my toddler is not a fan of this book, because the closer I get to finishing it, the more he plays Old Harry with my scant sleep allotment. Drawing your dream comic is a wonderful gift, but it turns out that drawing your dream comic on zero sleep is kind of burdensome. That said, I have decided not to give myself too much leeway in this matter, as I fear that a prolonged recess may result in the extinguishment of my creative pilot light.

But it's almost done, so that's good. A couple more months, maybe? See, that wasn't so bad. It only took eight thousand years. Who's ready for #3?

Because there is another project as well tht has been taking Nate's time and has just hit Kickstarter. He is Art Director on the upcoming game Human Resources, producing pages like this.


And this…


And this…


For a game that will look something like this.


0dd007e2180aa546b386279daf6dd3fd_largeSee, who can be mad about a thing like that? Especially when it looks like this…


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