No One Could Have Predicted Trump's Victory… Except Tidal Wave Comics?!

Tidal Wave Comics, the publisher formerly known as Storm Comics, even more formerly (unfortunately) known as Storm Front Comics, and most formerly of all known as Bluewater Comics, may be the first comic book company to cash in on Donald Trump's… excuse me… *gulp*… President Trump's victory in last night's election by featuring him prominently in a comic book. Well, unless you count Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson's Transmetropolitan.

Tidal Wave's comic, Donald Trump: The Road to the White House, is written by Michael Frizell with art by Nathan Webb, and, according to a press release from the company, "chronicles the story of the early days of the Trump campaign as seen through the eyes of an undecided voter in a red state." The book, actually the second in the Political Power: Donald Trump series, may be the only comic on the stands right now with Trump's face on the cover… that is, if the comic actually is on the stands anywhere, which is unclear at this time. Tidal Wave's press release names a November 2nd release for the print version, but we can't find any copies on eBay or at Midtown Comics. It can be purchased on Comic Flea Market. Amazon is selling a digital edition, but those don't appreciate in value. If the print copies actually exist, any retailer who stocked up on them could be having a lucrative day today.

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The first Political Power: Donald Trump was released in 2012, when Trump first flirted with a serious run for office. Tidal Wave publishes bio-comics for just about every political, historical, and celebrity figure in existence, so this one from 2015 is also available, showing a world that might have been:



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