No One Could Have Predicted Trump's Victory… Except Tidal Wave Comics?!

Tidal Wave Comics, the publisher formerly known as Storm Comics, even more formerly (unfortunately) known as Storm Front Comics, and most formerly of all known as Bluewater Comics, may be the first comic book company to cash in on Donald Trump's.. excuse me.. *gulp*... President Trump's victory in last night's election by featuring him prominently in a comic[...]

Bluewater Renames Itself StormFront (Really?) And Publishes Metallica Biography

Bluewater Productions are a comic book publisher that roared to prominence on the back of a series of political leader biographies, diversified into entertainment and other famous names, as they continued to publish a number of fantasy and sci-fi series.As much as they received mass publicity for many of their comics, depending on the subject,[...]

And Finally… The Fear Of A Horse Running Amok On The Streets Of New York City

 PETA and Bluewater have released this image by Michael Dorman to highlight the campaign to remove horse drawn carriage rides in New York City, and urge NYCC attendees to boycott the service.Not sure if it's exactly representative of a real and present danger, but, Mayor Bill de Blasio will soon officially announce his long-debated plans to unveil a[...]

Bluewater, The Publisher That Just Won't Let Its Creator Owned Comics Go

Darren G Davis is the publisher of Bluewater Comics, who have come in for considerable criticism of late, whether for not paying creators, asking creators to sign work-for-hire-back-end contracts, and much more, there have certainly been some disgruntled folk involved with Bluewater, who specialise in biographical comic books that, once upon a time, sold large[...]

Preview: The Edward Snowden Story by Valerie D'Orazio and Lauer Oliveira

 Getting press all over the place after we first reported the story, including Time, Breitbart and, here's a preview of the upcoming Edward Snowden biographcial comic book by comic industry legend Valerie D'Orazio and Lauer Oliveira from Bluewater Press  Getting press all over the place after we first reported the story, including Time, Breitbart and,[...]

Coming From Valerie D'Orazio – Edward Snowden, The Joker And A Marx Sister

But now, things seem to be going her way a little more.There's the free release of Occasional Superheroine.From Bluewater, there's Beyond: Edward Snowden There's another on the curse of the Joker, and clown history in Beyond: The Joker, Man Who Laughs . Which handily comes out a week before the Batman: Death of the Family Book and Joker[...]

Valerie D'Orazio To Write Biography Of Edward Snowden

Around ten years ago, Valerie D'Orazio was at the centre of controversy, after her essay Goodbye To Comics, in which she analysed an industry and culture that seemed to be on the brink of killing her, as well as alleging serious sexual assault by a senior editor at DC comics! where she worked.Over the last[...]

Mario Gully, Bluewater, David Finch, Darren Davis And WTF Covers?

Mario Gully of Ant fame has drawn a cover for a new Bluewater comic, Drake He posts the art on his Facebook, stating specifically that it's a commissioned homage by Bluewater publisher Darren Davis of a Batman piece by David Finch.  Here they are together - clicky for biggy.It's not the only inspiration Bluewater is[...]

Comic Wars: Bluewater, Levity And A Sam Kinison Cover

A few days ago, we reported how Jaymes Reed had pulled his creator owned Comics COMICS biography line from Bluewater, amidst allegations and delays of non payment.In reply, Bluewater publisher Darren G Davis stated that he was only publishing the line as a favour and the books were only selling less than 200 copies each[...]

Bluewater, Levity And The Authorised Bill Hicks Comic

"It's the Bleeding Cool stuff that drives me the battiest" - Darren G Davis, in a rather Bleeding Cool obsessed interview with Hideous Energy. In that interview Darren G Davis, publisher and owner of Bluewater makes some entertaining comments about me and Bleeding Cool some true, some verifiably false, but the overall impression is that Bleeding Cool[...]

Looking At A Contract From Bluewater Productions

I've been running a number of articles recently on comic creators who have been unpaid on certain comic projects - and in some cases actually getting them paid.But I had one complaint recently from a creator who had not been paid for their work for Bluewater They sent me the contract and then told me[...]

Arcana Buys 10th Muse, Legend Of Isis And More From Bluewater

Arcana Comics have announced they are buying up a large chunk of Bluewater's publishing library Basically, everything except the biography and most of the licenced titles, to be published in trade paperback form.So that means 10th Muse, Legend of Isis, Judo Girl, Styx and Stone, Deathsport Games, Orion the Hunter, Blackbeard Legacy, Paparazzi, Warlock, Leprechaun[...]

Weeks-Ahead-Digital For Mitt Romney And Michelle Bachmann Comic Book

A number of publishers have moved to day-and-date digital comic books, releasing comics digitally on the same day that they are available in the major markets of the US, Canada and the UK.Bluewater, famed publishers of lightboxed slimline biography comic books of politicians and pop stars, is taking advantage of the current furore over the[...]

Bluewater Launches Creator Owned Comics Biography Line

One of the central criticisms of biographical and licensed comics publisher Bluewater, is that it deals in back-end work-for-hire contracts The people sign all their rights away but only get paid from profits, if any, if the book sells over a certain number Which has seen people not receive a penny and not own anything[...]

Conan O'Brien: The Comic Book

Bleeding Cool pointed out how Conan O'Brien had been trying to make a comic book character, The Flaming C.Well, now it seems Bluewater are making this American talk show host and comedian into a comic book.Part of their Fame series, this will likely be the rather bland, lightboxed photos with narrative captions taken from non-controversial[...]

Another Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Film Coming, But It's An Odd One…

It seems everybody pretty much liked The Social Network, including myself*, so there hardly seems any need.No need, but there are means and that's almost always enough.Mark Zuckerberg and The Found is to be adapted from next month's Bluewater bio-comic of Zuckerburg According to a press release from the company, the film is to be produced[...]

Bluewater Making It Up For 2011

Bluewater Producstion are best known for two things Their biographical comic line, and their work-for-hire back end contracts...Well, next year they seem to be upping their fiction comics considerably.Including the headline friendly Mis-Adventures Of Adam West drawn by Lipe, the headline baiting Jailbait by Mary Jo Pehl and Adrian Rodriguez, about a team of young[...]