No Political Parallels Sought As The Kingpin Becomes Mayor Of New York In Daredevil – And Across The Marvel Universe

There's a new mayor in town…Mayor Fisk, that is. After his rise to the top, Matt Murdock's classic foe takes centre stage as Marvel Legacy hits Daredevil #595, written by Charles Soule with art by Stefano Landini.

Matt Murdock has always had the law on his side, what with being a lawyer and all, but now that Manhattan is under new rule, the tables have been turned, with the Kingpin of Crime now the Mayor of Crime ruling over Manhattan.

Obviously any relation to actual events happening in actual politics in actual America is completely coincidental. Marvel doesn't do that anymore. And the Kingpin was never a reality TV star.

And Charles Soule underlines that.

"Mayor Fisk is really about just one thing: Kingpin becomes…the king," says series writer Charles Soule. Just one thing, folks. "On page 1 of the story, Wilson Fisk has already become the mayor, with all of the power and resources that come with the position. So, Daredevil has lost the one thing he thought he could always rely on, the place he was sworn to protect: New York City. From there, we see how, and if, he can fight to win it back."

Basically anyone who sees parallels with anything else will be taken out and given a serious dressing down.

And the rest of Marvel is joining in.

"The entire Defenders Legacy storyline, Kingpins Of New York, is about the power vacuum left in the underworld now that Fisk has become Mayor and gone legit, and how a number of players start a big gang war attempting to fill it," added SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, and you could see that on the cliffhanger page of the most recent issue.

"The nice thing about the story is that Fisk isn't just mayor in Daredevil," said Soule. "It happens in every book across the Marvel Universe. So, every street-level hero (and even the Avengers-types) will feel the pressure from Fisk's term in office. As you might imagine, he makes New York a very uncomfortable place for anyone who dares to call themselves a superhero. I've been building to Mayor Fisk since my first issue on the title, and it's designed to be a huge epic in the best Daredevil-Kingpin tradition."

Including Venom, where KJraven The Hunter has been deputised by Kingpin to  exterminate Stegron's subterranean community of dinosaur-people.

The Kingpin's rule begins this November. We'll try and get an earlier peek soon.


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