This Is Not The Saturn Girl You Were Looking For In Batgirl Annual #1

Previously in DC Rebirth… Saturn Girl, the Legionnaire from the 31st Century, is in the present day.

 Banged up in Arkham Asylum.


With Emerald Empress trying to track her down.


Even getting Batman's new Justice League Of America involved.


Well, the Batgirl Annual solicitation for  March reads Batgirl and Supergirl must team up to break into Arkham Asylum! In this all-new Rebirth annual Batgirl must seek Supergirl's help to solve a mystery that leads them to the heart of the most insane insane asylum there is! But what they discover—and who they discover—in Arkham will lead to a much, much bigger story!

Ahead of Supergirl #8

A "Superman Reborn Aftermath" tie-in! Superman and Supergirl meet again for the first time to face the evil of the Emerald Empress! Plus, what does it mean for the Girl of Tomorrow when tomorrow promises a Dark Knight? Shocking revelations, all-powerful sorceresses from the future, the Batgirl of Burnside and dinner in the Wild West—they're all here in this amazing issue!

So what about Batgirl Annual #8. Well, something changed.


It is no longer Arkham Asylum they are breaking into. And certainly not Saturn Girl who is there.


Gayle…. rather than Irma Ardeen. And a different hair colour while we're at it?


Because this isn't Saturn Girl. It's Psi from Daring New Adventures.


Bait and switch regarding Arkham Asylum? Naughty… Supergirl #8 it is then. While the story in Batgirl Annual #1 will continue in Supergirl #9 instead…

Batgirl Annual #1 by Hope Larson and Inaki Miranda is published today by DC Comics.

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