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Obscure Comics: Comic-Con Special 2015 #1 Supergirl: "Sister Act"

Two decades ago, the WB had just started its new take on the Superman mythos with Smallville, which not only introduced a teenage take on Clark Kent and Lex Luthor but eventually in later seasons moved to introduce takes on Lois Lane and Kara Zor-El, who would eventually becoming the costumed Supergirl in 10th and final season. Then in 2012, the CW brought Green Arrow to the screen as just Arrow, which spun off the Flash, and then the creative team for both shows decided to do another show, this time on CBS staring Supergirl.
Comic Con Special 2015 #1 Supergirl Cover
Comic-Con Special 2015 #1 Supergirl Cover
Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Ali Adler brought the Maiden of Steel to CBS in November of 2015, placing the show on a different Earth from Arrow but still allowing for multiverse crossovers between the three shows, which increased once Supergirl moved to the CW for season 2.  As the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con neared, TV Guide released its annual Comic-Con Special, something they'd been publishing since 2010. This go-around included a preview article for the Supergirl series and the first story set in the new Supergirl series, a special four-page comic book story.

Obscure Comics: Comic-Con Special 2015 #1 Supergirl: "Sister Act"

Serving as the first story set in the new Arrowverse show, "Sister Act" was written by show developers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Ali Adler with art by Xermanico.  The story begins with Supergirl pursuing an alien escape from Fort Rozz, whose explosive horny projectile looks like it might prove to be a problem for the Maiden of Steel.  However, she emerges from the explosion unharmed and subdues her opponent, while Alex, Supergirl's adoptive sister, lectures her on listening more when it comes to dealing with the alien escapes.


Supergirl then hears crying in the distance, and after shhing Alex over their communication devices, goes to find a young girl names Tracy nearby hiding.  The girl tells Supergirl that her sister is supposed to be back soon, but the alien scuffle scared her, and Tracy worries her sister may not come back.  Staying calm and positive, Supergirl comforts Tracy and reminds the eavesdropping Alex sisters are always there for each other.  When Tracy's big sister rushes in to find Tracy safe, Supergirl departs and challenges Alex to a race home.
Serving not only as the first story in any media for the Arrowverse show, but this four-page comic would also serve as a preview to the 13-issue, bi-weekly digital comic, Adventures of Supergirl that would launch in 2016 written by Sterling Gates, with art by various artists including Bengal, Jonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Emma Vieceli.

Not Expensive For A Key Arrowverse Comic

Copies of this magazine are not super rare, as there were four covers, but the Supergirl cover is the most valued, and the inclusion of the comic book story inside has not escaped collector's notice.  Ranging from $10 to $20 in cost, the issue isn't expensive, but it is definitely an obscure first appearance story for the popular show.

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