Under Pressure, Midtown Comics J Scott Campbell Riri Williams Cover Cancelled. One Of Them.

The other day, we pointed out that Midtown Comics was selling a retailer exclusive cover of the upcoming Invincible Iron Man #1, starring the fifteen year genius Riri Williams as the new Iron Man, after Tony Stark's… um, fate at the end of Civil War II.

It kicked off quite a fuss, especially the armourless midriff-showing version.


It kicked off quite a fuss.

Which led to a campaign instead….

And it exploded as people did just that. Check out a few examples here….


J Scott Campbell, the artist, wasn't responding.


With Erik Larsen joining in.

But now Midtown Comics has now confirmed to Bleeding Cool that the armourless cover has now been pulled as a result of the pressure. But the armoured up one will still be available.



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