Pretty Pictures On A Monday Morning – New X-Men To Superhero Cup Cakes

Monday morning/afternoon/evening/depending on your time zone. Let's have a look at some pretty comic related pictures.

Clay Mann posted the below on his Tumblr. And the internet went doolally. Especially considering the implicit Avengers Arena spoilers within. Brian Bendis reined it in, stating that he thought it was just a commission piece. Unless of course… that's what he wants you to think!


A sketch by Annie Wu on Free Comic Book Day when asked to draw a punk rock Iron Fist.


Also picked up by the same lucky fellow, was this sketch by Chris GiarrussoOHWt7aqh


Once upon a time, Marvel lost a Bill Sienkiewicz cover. Literally, in the post. It was eventually found, but he had to do another cover to fill the gap… here's the original, for what would have been New Mutants #28'


Check out the Phantom cover for Grimm #1. Sweetly done.



Dustin Nguyen makes everything better for Mother's Day.




Mark Buckingham drawing Batman on the windows of Gosh Comics during Free Comic Book Day. Photo by…me.


We featured Steve Garcia's DC silhouette work a week or so ago. He's still going at it. black adam

When Jeff Lemire draws Superman in the Adventures of Superman digital edition. And yes, certain peple lose their shit.


Free Cup Cake Day on Free Comic Book Day from Los Angeles.


And back to Clay Mann again, for his Sucker Punch image. We're a sucker for Sucker Punch at Bleeding Cool…

clay mann sucker punch

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