Quantum And Woody Joins GI Joe, Veronica Mars, The Abnorm Chronicles And The Lizzy Gardner Files And Eternal Warrior As Licensed Kindle Fan Fic

quantum-and-woodyIt is possible that some will fixate on GI Joe and especially Veronica Mars (Brendon Connelly, I'm looking at you) but more exciting to me is that Quantum and Woody has now been licenced for official fan fiction properties on Kindle Worlds.

Oh and Eternal Warrior too. And The Abnorm Chronicles and The Lizzy Gardner Files.

But I've basically been writing Quantum & Woody fanfic in my head for the last couple of decades, so I could probably just plug something into the back of my neck and upload it all onto Amazon and wait for the pennies to flood in.

Not to mention all the solo Goat stories that we've all been itching to tell for so long.

I bet mine will be better than Brendon's Veronica Mars fanfic, that's all I;m saying.


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