Quantum and Woody #5 Review: Family Bonding and Destroying Landmarks

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After some reflection and convincing from Quantum, Negative One frees Eric and decides to help the heroic duo to save the world from Kid Tesla. Elsewhere, Woody is getting drunk with his biological dad, but, in his inebriated state, Woody's father let's slip more details about why he really reached out to his estranged son. Woody leaves to join up with Quantum and Negative One, and the three, plus Thedge, unite to stop Kid Tesla.

Quantum and Woody #5 cover by Michael Walsh
Quantum and Woody #5 cover by Michael Walsh

Quantum and Woody #5 ends the first story arc from Daniel Kibblesmith's run on the title. It turns out to be a fun and even touching ending too, with the duo struggling to accept one another's faults and mistakes throughout the comic.

Negative One receives some fleshing out too, and it would be great if she turned into a recurring character in the book, along with Thedge of course.

Woody's father is neither wholly condemned or wholly redeemed by his actions in the comic, which is a nice touch. Usually a story like this swings entirely one way or the other, but Quantum and Woody just wants you to accept that life is complicated and so are people.

Kid Tesla could have been more fun than he turned out to be. His shining moment is the robotic marsupials he sends after the heroes.

Quantum and Woody #5 art by Kano
Quantum and Woody #5 art by Kano

Kano's artwork continues to impress with its ability to balance the humor with the serious moments. Its somewhat sterile presentation lends itself for the dry humor of the comic. It plays with the paneling at times, but it gets too ambitious with one two-page panel spread that confuses more than it impresses. The color is bright yet cool, which creates a nice palette centered around the duo's costuming.

Quantum and Woody #5 brings the book's first arc to a solid finale, balancing the humor, action, and emotion in a manner that few comics manage to accomplish. This one gets a recommendation. Check it out.

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