A Tentacular 6 Page Preview Of PastAways #4 From Dark Horse

I am fully hooked on reading the Dark Horse series PastAways written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Scott Kolins. Issue #3 was incredibly active as the team, pulled together to face an extra-temporal threat against mankind in the form of a giant sentient and semi-organic robot (do I need to say more than that to sell the series? Seriously) had to pull their combat skills out of mothballs. I have no idea what's coming next in issue #4, so when I saw this preview, I could only think, "It gets bigger?!". And it does. Clearly the semi-depressed and mutually loathing team of travelers from the future have another exhausting threat to take down.

But it looks from the cover like internal schism might get even more serious, too:

STK674125 Dark Horse describe Issue #4 thus:

The team battles a bizarre creature through a tear in space-time, but the mind behind the monster holds a secret that could change the PastAways' future! As they face a new kind of time paradox, the crew are also forced to contend with an internal plot against one of their own!

And the preview itself is tentacles, gadgets, and more tentacles. Watch out for Matt Kindt's notes on their gadgets and the limitations thereof as well:

003_PAWAYS_4 004_PAWAYS_4 005_PAWAYS_4 006_PAWAYS_4 007_PAWAYS_4 008_PAWAYS_4PastAways #4 arrives from Dark Horse on June 24th, and is currently listed in Previews World with item code: APR150017

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