Abby Denson, SCARCE At Angoulême

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Angoulême is the largest comic book convention in the world, held in France. SCARCE is a French magazine, running quarterly since 1983 focusing on American comics, available through subcriptions (7€ per issue, 25€ for 4 issues, shipped worldwide).

Xavier Lancel is the current editor-in-chief and he will be providing Bleeding Cool with a look at the 38th festival and running commentary from the SCARCE crew at the show.

The magazine likes to invite prominent American comic creators to the show (and the occasional Brit too) and has conducted a series of profile questionnaires with their guests before the festival begins.

First up, Abby Denson.

Who are you?

I'm Abby Denson, creator of the graphic novels Dolltopia and Tough Love: High School Confidential, with writing credits for various mainstream books including: Amazing Spider-Man Family, Marvel Divas, Powerpuff Girls, Simpsons Comics, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and more. I also do a comics dessert blog called City Sweet Tooth at:

My main site is:

Is it your first trip to France, to the Angouleme Festival?

This is my second time to France and the Angouleme festival. I had so much fun last year I want to go every year if I can! I have a detailed blog post with photos from last year here:

Also, I drew comics of our adventures in fromage (cheese) from last year's visit (starring Xavier, Jeff, and myself) for City Sweet Tooth here:

What do you expect from it?

I expect to have a blast with my fellow comics people and to sample great cheeses and desserts while enjoying the beautiful sights of Angouleme.

Oh, and to sell comics and network! ^_^

Since Dolltopia just won a bronze International Manga Award from Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs I'm hoping that will increase international interest in my work, so we'll see!

Are you ready? Any specific fear about it?

I'm pretty ready. I made a special bilingual mini-comic for the show called "Sweet Tooth of Angouleme" about the local desserts and including my cheese comics. Here is the cover art:

Xavier has been such a help as my translator! I also have a flyer about my graphic novels that he translated to French for me last year, so I'll have French flyers and a French mini this time. Also, Jean-Paul had given me some French phrases last year which I had written phonetically in my sketchbook. Those were handy phrases such as "Feel free to look inside." and "Do you want me to sign it?". Usually, if somebody looked at my books I would greet them and say "Parlez-Vous l'Anglais?" If they didn't speak English I would go to my phrases and hand them a French flyer. I sold quite a few that way. Also, Xavier, Jeff, and Jean-Paul were there to help sell the books in French if needed. Thanks guys! I think having some French materials really puts you at an advantage and I'd recommend it to anybody tabling at Angouleme, even if it's just a flyer explaining your comics or a bio.

As for fears, I just hope there won't be any weather issues disrupting the travel!

Do you speak French?

Je parlez apun l'Francais (a little bit). Last year I listened to some audio lessons before the trip and am refreshing now. There are plenty of free French lesson podcasts on itunes and getting Audio CDs from the library costs nothing and is totally worthwhile! Also, watching "French in Action" on youtube is a help. Of course this doesn't help you read or write, so my French writing skills are nonexistent!

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