Battle Of The Nemeses. Nemesises. Nemesi. Whatever.

In March, as readers of Bleeding Cool can't be unaware, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven publish their creator owned comic Nemesis through Marvel.

Also in March, spinning out of Final Crisis, comes Nemesis: The Imposters by Ivan Brandon and Cliff Richards.

Mark Millar has applied for a trademark for Nemesis, and I can find no similar application from DC Comics. There is, however, a Marvel trademark for Marvel Nemesis, the comic/game tie-in that Mark Millar worked on.

So what's the solution? Will Mark Millar be forced to take on the might of Warner Bros and his own publisher in order to safeguard the trademark on his new comic? After all, if you don't defend your trademark, basically stop other people trading under your mark, then you can lose it, simple as that.

No. Just as John Byrne avoided legal issues with Next Men (and its prominent X in the logo) by renaming it John Byrne's Next Men, and as 300 avoided issues with The 300 Spartans by calling it Frank Miller's 300, so the new creator owned comic will be officially known as (deep breath) Millar And McNiven's Nemesis.

Which should make for an interesting movie poster in a year's time… can anyone think of a multiple-named official possessory prefix to a movie before?
Battle Of The Nemeses. Nemesises. Nemesi. Whatever.Battle Of The Nemeses. Nemesises. Nemesi. Whatever.Battle Of The Nemeses. Nemesises. Nemesi. Whatever.

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