Bleeding Cool's One Year Anniversary – LITG SPECIAL

One year ago today, Bleeding Cool opened its doors. Funded by Avatar Press, it didn't have a large budget, big media owner or even any relationships with any other publishers. But all in all, it hasn't done too badly. Bleeding Cool continues to put on audiences month after month, break stories, give new twists an insight on "official releases" and generally encourage and nuture discussion into what I believe is the greatest medium of expression, comic books, and the culture and industry that it is entwined with. So here's a look back at some old favourites.

Top Ten Most Read Stories Of The Year.

1. Matchstick Middle Earth

Oh a blockbuster of a post this one. And so little to it. A few images of a Middle Earth made from matchsticks and a link to the original post proved to be Bleeding Cool's biggest blockbuster. Say, anyone else made anything geeky out of matchsticks?

2. Get Ready For Watchmen 2

Thanks to a few film sites that presumed this was about a movie sequel rather than a comic sequel, this piece rocketed in readership. I'm told that the original internal document I'd seen was real, if very hypothetical at the time. And as of today, it's not moving forward. Partly, it seems, as a result of online reaction.

3. The Muppet Wicker Man Comic

Another link, another very funny geekish mashup.

4. VIDEO: Batman XXX A Porn Parody – The Official Trailer

This was the first glimpse the comics industry had of the porn DVD that so very accurately mirrored the original Batman TV series. And created one of the few porn movies where the non-sex version may be watched more than the sex version. Other popular articles included Shots From The Batman Porn Set, andthe second trailer, featuring Batusi!

5. The Great Amazon $14.99 Graphic Novel Sell Off Of 2010

Quite naturally, this link to one of the biggest bargains of the year was very popular. Most didn't get a fraction of the comics they ordered – but enough people got enough – and everyone got $25 vouchers for their trouble. Despite its critics, this has probably been the most well received article I've written for Bleeding Cool in terms of e-mails. Other popular articles included the confirmation that it was a glitch and a similar event at Barnes & Noble, which netted people a lot of books.

6. Lying In The Gutters – Monday 20th 2009

The first Lying In The Gutters brought a new audience back. The weekly e-mail version of this column is now one of the more popular examples of its type on the internet, letting people who can't follow the ins and outs of a daily blog, catch up for the most essential and popular items.

7. Preview: Alan Moore Dojinshi By Ryusuke Hamamoto

Alan Moore as a manga schoolgirl. Seriously, what is not to love.

8. The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy Of The Fifth Season

And here's a great example of something that was completely and utterly wrong. But completely and utterly compelling for fans. The Water Of Mars review also got a stack of readers too.

9.  Fill Your Fingers – The 'Free' Lantern Ring Collection Set To Boost DC's Sales In November

They boosted sales of comics – and boosted Bleeding Cool readerships, especially with all the error rings that would folow suit. The gift that kept on giving.

10. The Rob Liefeld Backlash Backlash

When fanboys deliberately annoy Rob Liefeld on video and not only does he take it well but the ire of the internet turns against their favourite kicking boy onto his aggressors.

Bubbling Under

Almost in the top ten, sometimes by a few hundred readers…

The Post-Credits Scene From Iron Man 2, "Neil Gaiman Is A Dick", changes at DC Comics, Alan Moore attempting to pwn Geoff Johns, a set shot from Four Lions, Alan Moore's supergroup for Unearthing, Amanda Conner making Wizard's Hot Artists list, The uses of the papyrus font in Avatar, possible influences on the Earth One Batman, the Superman No More rumours, DC Comics' lawyers getting involved with Nemesis, spoiling Siege, and leaking Batporn artwork

My Top Ten Favourite Post Titles

Sometimes the headline is enough,

Shooting Of "Red" So Realistic, Cops Called

Marvel Sends Letter To Creators About Apple iPad Urging They Stay Positive

Mark Millar Gives Own Film 11/10

Bill Jemas Brings Peace To The World Through Images Of Naked Women

Mike Mignola Vs Ethan Van Sciver – Gun Possibly Involved!

Did Hercules Celebrate The Art Of Greek Love?

Google Street View Discovers Secret Wars In A Pub

"Wait Till They Get A Load On Me!" – More Batman XXX Porn Set Shots

What If Batman Was A Complete.. (CONT)

Barry Windsor Smith Promotes Universal Health Care With Existence Of Weapon X

My Top Fifteen Scoops Of The Year

"Dark Siege" By Bendis And Coipel

John Turitzin On The $3.99 Comic

Paul Levitz To Step Down From DC Comics

Dabel Brothers Productions – Over $27,000 In Debt To Just One Studio

Gaze Upon The Face Of Josh Hoopes

Bringing Back Batman From The Dead. Again. Again. Again. (Okay, The Search For Bruce Wayne became Time Masters and given to Dan Jurgens, but still…)

Who Watches DC Comics – Diane Nelson To Take Watchman Job At Warner?

Yaoi Press Publisher Arrested For Drug Operation

Gene Colan – His Health, His Wealth And Exactly What Happened

Avengers Academy by Christos Gage and Mike McKone – Term Starts Next Year

The First Million Dollar Comic Book with its friends Detective Comics #27 Breaks One Million Dollars – New Most Expensive Comic Book Ever, Action Comics #1 To Break Comics World Record Next Week

David Finch Goes Exclusive With DC Comics

BONNYROAD – The New Grant Morrison/Paul McGuigan/Stephen Fry Project with its friends Grant Morrison Pitches Stephen Fry Project To BBC Scotland and Paul McGuigan, Grant Morrison, Stephen Fry In New BBC Thriller

Marvel Instigate Special Character Policy

Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer, Engaged!

Top Ten Potential Scoops We're Still Waiting On

Jim Lee Hints At Justice League Future

Is J.T. Krul The New Teen Titans Writer? (UPDATE- Yes he is, Newsarama just confirmed with DiDio)

DC's Exclusive War Shifts Focus To Wonder Woman

The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy II – Neutronic Boogaloo

Mark Bagley "Back To Marvel" In Six Months?

Frankie Boyle's New Graphic Novel – Hereditary

Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman Too Weird For The DCU?

Hasbro To Debut Marvelman Figure At San Diego

War Of The Marvels – As Seen On The Subway

Neal Adams To Work On New Wolverine Comic For Marvel

Top Ten Greatest Flops Of The Year

Will Diamond Comics Distributors Lift Their 3% Reorder Fee From Monday? (No)

Dark Reign Mystery Reveal At The Atomic Level (No it wasn;t)

Ryan Phillippe And Keira Knightley To Star In Captain America – According To A Woman On The Bus (Very unlikely now)

The Apple Tablet And Longbox Up A Tree, Dee Oh Double Yoo Enn Ell Oh Ay Dee Eye Enn Gee (No they weren't.)

Superman No More? (JMS Responds!) (Yes he is)

Brian Blessed Cast In Thor Movie? (No he wasn't.But the original source? Brian Blessed)

Matt Smith's Face To Appear In Doctor Who Titles (No it didn't)

Mark Millar Takes Out Ad For Nemesis On Times Square (Or Not) (Not)

Russell T Davies, Jonathan Ross, Armando Iannucci, Ian Rankin, Muriel Gray and Frankie Boyle To Contribute To Mark Millar's New Comic Project? (Just Ross and Boyle)

Grant Morrison And Ethan Van Sciver's Wonder Woman? (Just Grant's)

The Top Ten Most Discussed Posts

Happy Birthday Rick Olney, Happy Birthday To You!
Replies: 1,142 – Before Closing

The New Apartheid Of DC Comics? by Ryan Mullenix
Replies: 414

Is The Glitch Happening Again – This Time With Barnes & Noble?
Replies: 360

"What If A Character Died And No One Twittered About It" (SPOILERS)
Replies: 351

(UPDATED) The Darker Side Of Bleeding Cool…
Replies: 277

Peter David Tweaks Rob Liefeld. Twice.Replies: 273

Marvel To Publish Mick Anglo's Marvelman – And They Own It
Replies: 270

After HTMLComics… Spider Media RU? (UPDATE)
Replies: 270

EXCLUSIVE: Rick Olney Pays Back $100, $35,502.76 To Go…
Replies: 267

LXG Movie Writer On Alan Moore And Blackest Night
Replies: 251

Thanks To…

There are plenty of people who have helped with Bleeding Cool's success over the last year, so I'd like to thank a few of them. Those I forget to thank – well, content yourself with the fact that you're probably just too secretly important to thank! William Christensen, Mark Seifert, Warren Ellis, Denny O'Neil, Si Spurrier, Adi Tantimedh, Brendon Connelly, Mark Waid, Gail Simone, Chris Sims, _OM_, Tom, Emperor, Mad_Man_Moon, Andy Diggle, Peter J Poole, Michael Sacal, David Hyde, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Bob Wayne, Arune Singh, CB Cebulski, Eric Stephenson, Jason Kingsley, Erik Larsen, Chris Ryall,  Irene Adler, Ragnell, Steve Bissette, Alex De Campi, Tony Lee, Kevin Smith, Greg Baldino, Pedro Bouca, Rodrigo Baeza, Jonathan Ross, Geoff Johns, Avi Braun, Diane Nelson, Joe Quesada, Kaare Andrews, Brian Hibbs, Nikki Finke, Jonah Weiland, Grant Morrison, Mike Doran, Paul Staines, Camilla Wright, gingerprince, Matt Brady, Nick Barrucci, Jonathan Ross, Chip Mosher, Jason Flemyng, Larry Marder, Harlan Ellison, Peter David, Mike Richardson, Kevin Huxford, Louis Bright-Raven, Brian Bendis, Martin Conaghan, Mark Millar, Kimberly Cox, Jens Altmann, Charles Skaggs, Gary Russell, David Hine, Alan Moore, James Hem, Shea Hennum, Neil Gaiman, Brian Bolland, Matt Spatola, Frank Miller, Nevs Coleman, Eric M Esquivel, A Comic Shop, rambobloodaxe, kaiho, BPThoughtcrimes, Graeme McMillan, Kevin Melrose, Cory Doctorow, ChastMastr, Bill Schanes, die-yng, Dr Nate, Fysh, JJ Smooth, Kevin Marten, Andrew Burton, The Xenos, Kailish Iyer, Blade X, Alisdair Kennedy, Heidi MacDonald, JK Parkin, Ben Templesmith, Ben McCool, Josh Wigler, Rob Liefeld, Paul Levitz, David Uzumeri, Laura Hudson, Chip Zdarsky, Kevin Church, Tom Brevoort, Ken Lowery, DrPuppyKicker and many more… sorry to everyone I missed… see you again next year!

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