Caliber Subject To Zero Gravity

41a-OWOuUuLCaliber Comics was the publisher that Spawn killed.

Or rather the Spawn Powercardz trading card set that saw the printer not understand the importance of random collation, saw two million of dollars returned to Caliber by distributors and the printer go bankrupt (after being paid) leaving Caliber heavy out of pocket with unsellable stock…

Caliber has been making moves to return to publishing this year. Deadline reports that

As prolific 1990s-era comics publisher Caliber Comics mounts its comeback 14 years after it stopped the presses, the comics and graphic novel shingle and its parent company Caliber Entertainment have signed with Zero Gravity Management. Caliber was revived earlier this year under CEO Gary Reed, kicking back into gear after publishing more than 1,300 titles including works from the likes of Brian Bendis, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, and Ed Brubaker. Zero Gravity will rep Caliber's library of IP for development across all multimedia platforms in a fertile time for the comics-to-screen business. "We have seen the rapid expansion of original programming along all multimedia platforms," said Caliber VP Eric Reichert. "Now with the assistance of Zero Gravity, Caliber Entertainment and Caliber Comics has the ability to properly showcase and develop its properties that cover just about every genre within this medium."

It doesn't actually state what Caliber's library of IP is, however, a many of the creators it mentions worked on creator owned work, much of which was later put out by other publishers.

But odds are it won't involve Spawn at all.

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