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So what is it about some comic book folks who still think taking their precious IPs to television/streaming is "slumming" compared to being up on the big screen in a movie theater? Or the ones that think their IP is so originally profound that it will change… the very essence of television as we know[...]
Todd McFarlane Announces Spawn/Batman With Jim Lee & Greg Capullo
And while he won't have made many saying that there are indeed no plans to restore a Snyderverse… Twitter vid screencaps from Jim Lee Friends panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 …Jim Lee did get Todd McFarlane from his Image Comics partner days, to confirm that they will be creating a Batman/Spawn comic book with Greg Capullo[...]
Image Comcis September 2022 Solicitations
Dive into a formalist battle royale of mercenary misfits and celebrate a decade of COPRA with style. Collects COPRA #1-12 Image Comics Full September 2022 Solicitations KILLADELPHIA DELUXE EDITION, BOOK ONE HC WRITER: RODNEY BARNES ARTIST / COVER: JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER NOVEMBER 16 / 360 PAGES / FC / M / $39.99 ADVANCE SOLICIT Finally, the acclaimed, Eisner Award-nominated horror title is collected[...]
McFarlane Toys Debuts Spawn’s Universe Manga Spawn Action Figure 
Todd McFarlane has expanded his Spawn franchise into something spectacular this past year New characters and comics have arrived as well as a new line of highly articulation action figures McFarlane Toys has always knocked their Spawn line out of the park, and with modern tech, these figures are everything and then some Some of[...]
Grant Morrison's Plans For Todd McFarlane's Spawn
Back in 2014, Bleeding Cool ran the story that Grant Morrison was to return to write for Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic book after a previously rather lucrative three-issue run in the book's second year, twenty years previously We reported "We've been told by industry sources that legendary world-respected comics author Grant Morrison, as well as[...]
NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
While comic book publishers send out legal letters because they want to do NFTs themselves and we may be getting the seventies fight over original artwork all over again. NFTWatch logo for Bleeding Cool NFTWatch: The first ever Todd McFarlane Spawn NFT was a shattering success selling out within 7 hours of being available to purchase on[...]
Spawn #1
Spawn recently reached his 300th issue and is well into its fourth century of issues But it all began thirty years ago this summer with the release of Spawn #1 from Todd McFarlane, the second comic published by Image Comics that followed Rob Liefeld's Youngblood Spawn #1 sold 1.7 million copies to comic book retailers[...]
Die, Rainforest, Die! Todd McFarlane's 1st Spawn NFT Drops This Week
McFarlane and Steve Aoki's new NFT platform,, opens for official business today, May 16th, at 6PM PST, allowing sucke– er, NFT owners to list their second-hand "Spawnoki" NFTs for sale on the site to like-minded idio– uhh, investors The ponz– we mean, NFT distribution plan will then kick into high gear on Wednesday, May[...]
Todd McFarlane Finally Returns Joyce Chin's Angela Original Artwork
In spitting distance of her husband Arthur Adams' booth, she has been grabbing all sorts of attention this morning for a very special piece of artwork – and an accompanying letter. Joyce Chin at Lake Comic Comic Art Festival (Arthur Adams in the back) , photo by Rich Johnston Used as a pin-up for Spawn #48, but[...]
Lock and Load! McFarlane Toys Debuts Exclusive Munitions Pack
From Mortal Kombat and Spawn to Warhammer and, should I dare say, DC Multiverse, this pack has you covered The Munitions Pack is dedicated to 7" scale figures and will be a McFarlaneToysStore Exclusive A total of 17 weapons will be included in this pack with dual pistols, a rocket launcher, multiple assault rifles, uzi, shotgun,[...]
Todd McFarlane's Scorched #6 Cover
Jim Lee was helping to lead that pack." SPAWN SCORCHED #3 IMAGE COMICS DEC210328 (W) Sean Lewis (A) Stephen Segovia (CA) Francesco Mattina The Scorched team is still on the ground in Russia, but now they are the hunted…In Shops: Mar 16, 2022 SRP: $2.99 SPAWN SCORCHED #4 IMAGE COMICS JAN220297 (W) Sean Lewis (A) Stephen Segovia (CA) Bjorn Barends SOUL CRUSHER returns to do battle[...]
Gunslinger Spawn & Horse McFarlane Bundle Arrives at GameStop
The Spawn Universe continues to grow as more and more stores come out of Image Comics McFarlane Toys is continuing to build the lore on and off the pages with more and more 7" action figures The newest one comes out of the pages of Gunslinger Spawn as GameStop is getting an exclusive bundle set[...]
Spawn #9, Featuring The Debut Of Angela, Taking Bids At Heritage
Spawn comics are no stranger to key issues and storylines, and arguably the biggest one besides the first issue of the series in #9, featuring the debut of Angela It also features the debuts of Medieval Spawn and Cagliostro, but the only one that matters is Angela The issue was written by Neil Gaiman and[...]
Commando Spawn Wants Blood with Mortal Kombat XI McFarlane Toys
Commando Spawn is back as McFarlane Toys reveals their newest Mortal Kombat XI figure This is not the first Commando Spawn to come to the line, but the first release was a 12" posable statue This Mortal Kombat Spawn showcases the Dark Ages skins and now comes to the 7" Mortal Kombat XI line with[...]
Spawn Universe, Image's Best-Seller in 25 Years - Until King Spawn #1
Recently I talked to Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane, about the current state of play of his comic book publishing empire Which, after 2020 and 2021, is a little more of an empire than it used to be As he moved from publishing one monthly-ish comic book to four, Spawn, King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn and The[...]