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Spawn Antifa Alt-Right
In the Spawn comic book series written by Todd McFarlane, there are… a lot more Spawns around right now Enough to make up a new team, The Scorched, launching next month Which, in the Spawn universe, have made supernatural entities walking the streets a little more visible than before. Including hordes of zombies and angels, gathering[...]
Gunslinger Spawn Comes Face To Face With The Modern Horror Of The Bathroom
Gunslinger Spawn was a priest born two hundred years ago in the Old West who has come to the present day as a Spawn, a demonic entitity of hell Ish When I talked to Todd McFarlane about Gunslinger Spawn, he told me "I think he could be my breakout character I mean he breaks out[...]
Spawn Gets Bloody With New Mortal Kombat McFarlane Toys Figures
McFarlane Toys continues to show love for Spawn as they have revealed to one but two new Mortal Kombat 11 variants Both designs from the NetherRealm costumes will feature a stunning white and gold color deco but with extra blood splatter deco throughout the figure The Spawn Classic and Disciple are very well done, and[...]
Todd McFarlane Launches His Own NFT Marketplace, OddKey
OddKey empowers artists with the ability to control the destinies of their own digital properties. Oddkey art The launch of OddKey is intended to provide NFT comic and music collectors with the opportunity to own original and authenticated digital works including original digital Spawn art for the first time ever, and the first time that Todd McFarlane[...]
"Spawn" universe creator Todd McFarlane is expanding his multimedia reach with a deep dive into television, with Deadline Hollywood offering exclusive details on a development & production arm being launched as part of McFarlane Films to focus on series projects- development & production arm that already has a first-look television deal with wiip (Mare of[...]
She-Spawn Brings the Firepower with New McFarlane Toys Figure
Jessica Priest is back and getting a brand new action figure as part of McFarlane Toys Spawn's Universe line She-Spawn is easily a fan-favorite character, and she is bringing her very won arsenal with her this time Standing at 7" tall, She-Spawn will have 22 points of articulation and will come in massive window boxed[...]
McFarlane Toys Unleashed the Beast with New Cy-Gor Spawn Figure
Spawn's Universe is already starting to grow with new comics beginning to explore the stories that Al Simmons are touched on McFarlane Toys has revealed a new set of Spawn figures are on the way and pre-orders are already going rev, and Cy-Gor is leading the charge Michael Konieczni is back and is here to[...]
Gunslinger Spawn is Getting A New Figure from McFarlane Toys
Todd McFarlane's new Spawn's Universe is starting to grow, and that means a whole new slew of collectibles are on the way We have already seen quite a few of these figures already arrive with Violator, The Clown, and even The Redeemer Even the new Gunslinger Spawn character made his way to the first lien[...]
Spawn The Redeemer Flies on in with New McFarlane Toys Figure
Spawn's Universe is finally here, and that means some of your favorite heroes from the Todd McFarlane Spawn line are branching off McFarlane Toys has even started to continue to expand their Spawn action figure line We have already seen a first wave which included Violator, the Clown, and The Redeemer Well, the Dark Redeemer[...]
McFarlane Toys Unveils New Soul Crusher Spawn’s Universe Figure
McFarlane Toys has finally expanded his legendary Spawn comic book line into its very own Spawn's Universe To make things even better, he has revived their popular action figure, and we have already seen the first wave arrive It looks like more figures are on the way as McFarlane Toys has revealed their next wave[...]
McFarlane Toys Announces Exclusive Bloody Violator Spawn Figure
One of those exclusives was the brand new Spawn figure was they debuted a brand new Megafig with the Bloody Violator This figure will feature come with a Spawn comic book lithograph, and if fans are lucky enough, it can come autographed The figure will come in a new window-packaged box which also showcases the[...]
Image Comics Delayed From This Wednesday To The Next Week
Shops are encouraged to sell them straight away rather than wait a week, including Gunslinger Spawn #1, Ant #1, and Nina Hawkes' Nightmare Blog #1 launches, as well as King Spawn #3. Image Comics From Jupiter's Legacy To Gunslinger Spawn, Delayed ANT #1 GUNSLINGER SPAWN #1 KING SPAWN #1 2ND PTG KING SPAWN #3 NITA HAWES NIGHTMARE BLOG #1 While the following[...]
Todd McFarlane On The Amazing Spider-Man Artwork He Is Not Selling... Yet
Obviously, I've got every page of Spawn, nobody's got a McFarlane page of Spawn so that's arguably the crown jewel of any of it because anybody that can say they've got a McFarlane page can be the only human being on the planet But I have other pieces of art I didn't save for any[...]
Talking To Todd About King Spawn #1 Getting Half A Million Orders
But for now, the most-ordered comics by comic stores in North America through Diamond Comic Distributors in August was King Spawn #1 by quite the degree We know it had 497,000 orders, so by that yardstick, X-Men: Trial Of Magneto #1 got around 120,000 orders, and X-Men #2 landed at just under 99,000… Top 400 Comics[...]