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Caliber Comics Sign Second Sight Publishing Titles
Graphic novel and comic book publisher since the nineties, Caliber Comics, has signed a deal with new publisher Second Sight Publishing to publish graphic novel versions of two of Second Sight's new titles for the foreseeable future Those titles are their horror anthologies Mississippi Zombie and Harvest Of Horror. Previously, Second SIght also published Horror Comics[...]
Caliber February 2018
Troma Chillers, a sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula, an origin to Merlin of Arthurian legend, and new stories set in the Land of Oz are being offered by Caliber Entertainment in the upcoming February of 2018 Read below for more details. DRACULA SUICIDE CLUB GN (W) Steven P Jones (A) John Ross (CA) Kyle Huston Sequel to the Bram Stoker's[...]
Caliber Comics January 2018 Solicits: Sherlock, The Snow Queen, And The Outer Rim
Caliber comics has mystery, fantasy, and deep-space adventures coming up in January of 2018 Don't miss out on any their latest issues! SHERLOCK HOLMES MURDER AT CABARET (GN) NOV171468 (W) Gary Reed (A) Guy Davis (A/CA) Michael Zigerlig Murder at a famed cabaret! Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate a double murder at a cabaret in Paris, a[...]
Deadworld Chronicles And H.P. Lovecraft's Reanimator Tales From Caliber In February
Caliber Comics has two new graphic novels hitting shops in February of 2017 First up is H.P Lovecraft's Reanimator Tales featuring the work of Lovecraft, Steven P Jones, S.T Joshi and Terry Pavlet There there is the anthology book Deadworld: Chronicles with Gary Reed, Stuart Kerr, Colin Clayton, Mark Bloodworth, Wayne Reid, and Steve Beckett. H.P[...]
Caliber To Tackle Both H.P. Lovecraft And Sherlock Holmes In The Same Month
Caliber Comics is tapping into two popular and esteemed literary worlds this November Brandon Barrows and Hugo Petrus dive into Mythos: Lovecrafts Worlds while Christopher Sequeira and artists Philip Cornell and J Scherpenhuizen stalk Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Detective The Lovecraft graphic novel is an adaptation of eight different lesser known stories while the other graphic novel[...]
Caliber Offers New Free Monthly Digital Magazine
Caliber Comics has decided to do something like that as a free digital magazine every month called Caliber Rounds. Caliber Rounds is a monthly 'magazine' spotlighting Caliber's creators and titles with interviews, profiles, previews, a look back at some of the earlier works of Caliber writers/artists, and more.  This first issue clocks in at 38 pages[...]
Caliber To Release 2 New Graphic Novels And A Comic Writing Guide
Caliber Comics is bringing three new books to the comic market: Nain Rouge: The Red Legend, Knights of the Skull: Tales of the Waffen SS and Comics Writing: Communicating With Comic Books. Nain Rouge: The Red Legend by Josef Bastian, Carl Winans and Patrick McEvoy is the story of two average middle schoolers on a field trip[...]
Caliber Comics' Gary Reed Kickstarts Storyville Graphic Novel
By Gary Reed It's amazing how the perception of Kickstarter has changed since it first started.  When I first started hearing about it, I was like many in that I felt it was people asking for money to do what they wanted to do.  It was a handout. But as Kickstarter became more of a norm, I[...]
Caliber Subject To Zero Gravity
Caliber Comics was the publisher that Spawn killed. Or rather the Spawn Powercardz trading card set that saw the printer not understand the importance of random collation, saw two million of dollars returned to Caliber by distributors and the printer go bankrupt (after being paid) leaving Caliber heavy out of pocket with unsellable stock… Caliber has been[...]
Joe Pruett On The Return Of Caliber Comics
Caliber Comics was the publisher that brought Brian Bendis to our attention, published the songs of Alan Moore and gave us the early works of Guy Davis, Michael Allred, Warren Ellis, Vince Locke, Ed Brubaker, Mike Perkins, David Mack, Dean Haspiel, Mike Carey, Jim Calafiore, Georges Jeanty, Patrick Zircher, Phil Hester and many more, through[...]