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By Sammie Rice

Greetings, readers!

This week was full of GREAT first new issues that you should definitely consider picking up. Tooth and Claw #1 was a fantastic fantasy read and Penny Dora & The Wishing Box #1 is another title I highly recommend if you love all-ages books that feature the cutest, Christmas-loving girl named Penny and her spunky, ham-loving cat, Iggy.


But one of my favorite Boom! titles came out this week and we really need to talk about it.


Not already reading this title? Then let me give you the scoop: The Woods by James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas is about the day Bay Point Preparatory High School was transported to an alien planet (or moon, we still aren't quite sure) with all of the students, teachers and faculty left completely baffled, scared and confused. Some of the students have decided to take matters into their own hands and trek through the mysterious and dangerous woods to find some answers.

Issue number seven takes us through a flashback of one of my favorite characters, Ben. Ben is a giant teddy bear but with a very guarded exterior meaning he doesn't get very much dialogue. All we really know about him, thus far, is that he was repeatedly asked to join the football team because of his massive size but turned them down. He also has been selflessly aiding the ragtag team of survivors through the woods without asking for anything in return, so there's that.

image (1)

Anyway, since Ben doesn't speak very much, I was elated to get the chance to see into his past and get to the core of who Ben really is. His story is heart-breaking but not in the way you would expect. Like most teenagers, Ben is still trying to figure out who he is and where he fits in at Bay Point. He has an incredibly supportive father and a seemingly great friend circle but he has a small secret; his crush on Issac. Issac and his bizarre alien creature named "Doctor Robot" have been a comedic relief (when he isn't wrecklessly endangering everyone's lives) and I think that Ben and Issac together would just be perfect. But this issue really makes me question whether Issac would return the sentiment…

This issue is perfectly paced with just the right amount of tender moments sandwiched between some seriously heart-pounding sequences. CURSE THESE CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS *Shakes fists at sky*

And I'm not sure what's happening on the cover of issue #8 but it looks like Issac and Doctor Robot mean business.


Let me know if you are reading The Woods so we can discuss, analyze and gush about the latest issue!

Thanks for reading!

Sammie Rice is a Florida comic book store employee and proud Valkyrie. She enjoys long strolls through the park in Pterodactyl-free zones. Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @SammieReads


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