Dark Horse Launch Retail Incentive Fight Club 2 #2 Cover By David Mack (UPDATE)

FIGHT CLUB 2 ultra variant final cover

This Fight Club 2 #2 David Mack Ultra Rare FOC Variant is available to retailers who order as many of Fight Club 2 #2 as they did of #1…

Which given the nature of the comic industry may not be many. Which also means that for Fight Club collectors, and indeed David Mack collectors, this may be quite a hard variant to find…

Will your retailer be up for it? Their orders of Fight Club 2 #2 Main cover and Francesco Francavilla cover combined have to match or exceed 100% of their initial orders for Fight Club 2 #1 at the FOC date for 1st June, and then they can order as many additional copies of the David Mack cover.


(Main cover APR150011 and Francesco Francavilla variant APR150012.)

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, Tyler Durden lives… a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won't last long, the wife has seen to that. The time has come . . . Rize or Die.

On Wednesday May 27th, Dark Horse Comics will will publish the first issue of one of the most anticipated comic book and literary events of the year: FIGHT CLUB 2 written by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novelist Chuck Palahniuk, illustrated by Eisner Award winning artist Cameron Stewart and colored by award winning Dave Stewart. The first issue of FIGHT CLUB 2 will be available at comics shops, select book stores and digitally via the Dark Horse digital store and app.

Each issue of the series will feature covers by bestselling artist David Mack. Additionally, issue 1 features previously revealed variant covers by Lee Bermejo, Amanda Connor, Steve Lieber, Cameron Stewart, and Chip Zdarsky as well as as-yet-unrevealed variant covers by Joelle Jones, Paul Pope, and Tim Seeley. The series is edited by Scott Allie, Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief.

Dark Horse Comics has encouraged fans to further contribute to the mayhem with a guerilla marketing campaign utilizing the phrases "Tyler Durden Lives" and "Rize or Die" in order to win Easton Press limited, leather-bound editions of Palahniuk's novels BEAUTIFUL YOU, FIGHT CLUB and SURVIVOR. Fans are encouraged to e-mail their photos and letters using the phrases "Tyler Durden Lives" and "Rize or Die" to: projectmayhem@darkhorse.com.

As Dark Horse Comics publishes FIGHT CLUB 2, Palahniuk's first foray into comic book writing, Doubleday will publish MAKE SOMETHING UP, the novelists' first ever short story collection, on May 26. Palahniuk will embark on a book tour later this spring with events in New York, Pittsburgh, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, DC., Kansas City, Chicago and Portland. For more updates on FIGHT CLUB 2 and Project Mayhem, follow Tyler Durden on Twitter and visit the official FIGHT CLUB 2 website and the official Chuck Palahniuk fansite, www.chuckpalahniuk.net.


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