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Chuck Palahniuk Says Fight Club 3 TPB Will Be Missing Crucial Part of Story
Chuck Palahniuk has advised readers excited for Fight Club 3 not to buy the trade paperback, the Dark Horse Twitter account confirmed on Tuesday According to Palahniuk, it will not be possible to grasp the story with the material contained in the collected edition, as it will omit what Palahniuk calls "a crucial element." Palahniuk also[...]
What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – August 2018
Now, I wore this shirt for a day to a few places and a concert with friends to see who might get it, and apparently, it takes a selective eye and memory to catch that this is a Fight Club shirt. This is well done and is everything a geeky t-shirt should be at times[...]
Jessica Jones Artist David Mack Wins Inkpot Award at His SDCC 2018 Panel
David Mack, artist known for his Jessica Jones/Alias cover artwork and co-creating Echo with Joe Quesada, received an Inkpot Award at his San Diego Comic-Con panel today. Mack is also known for his cover artwork to American Gods and Fight Club, as well as his concept work for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also has written for Marvel's Daredevil and is the writer of Kabuki, a comic set in[...]
Dinosaur Fight Club Is A Thing In ' Horizon Zero Dawn'
The first rule about Dinosaur Fight Club, tell everyone about Dinosaur Fight Club. In what feels like a strange throwback to the '90s cartoon Dinosausers, a YouTube channel named ThunderHoss has been taking creatures from Horizon Zero Dawn and pitting them against each other in classic battles you never knew you wanted to see! Through a little[...]
Chuck Palahniuk Eats His Own Tail In Fight Club 2 Finale (SPOILERS)
In February we reported on how the finale of Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart from Dark Horse would address the cult of Tyler Durden And it's done rather directly. Today's final issue of this mindbending comic book sequel to the original novel (incorporating aspects of the film as well)[...]
42 Thoughts About 42 Of Today's Comics – Defying Satan's Rules…
The first transgender same-gender marriage in mainstream comic books? Looks like it… and a brand new future for the pair. While Grayson, after a rather controversial beginning, keeps servicing the fans… And Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart do some more new things with comics in Fight Club 2, in this case, laying film strip across the page…[...]
A New Comic Book Series Of One Shots From Fight Club's Chuck Palahniuk – And Joelle Jones?
We already reported on Chuck Palahniuk, talking about Fight Club 3 to ex-Bleeding Cooler Chris Thompson's Orbital In Conversation Podcast below. But he also talked about another original comic book series that he's is working on, worthy of its own post. I've already got a really strong idea for a series of single issues that would come out probably sporadically next[...]
Chuck Palahniuk Is Already Writing Issue 6 Of Fight Club 3: The Cheater's Gambit
Chuck Palahniuk, writer of the original Fight Club novel and its comic book sequel with Cameron Stewart and Dark Horse Comics, Fight Club 2 isn't stopping there. Talking to ex-Bleeding Cooler Chris Thompson's Orbital In Conversation Podcast above, Palahniuk looked at the ways he and Stewart have experimented with the medium, to look like a page[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 26th July 2015 – Old Man Fight Club
But that doesn't stop him from topping the charts, even as Fight Club 2 nips at his adamantium heels… 1 Old Man Logan #3 2 Fight Club 2 #3 3 Cyborg #1 4 Kanan #4 5 Future Imperfect #3 6 Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde #1 7 Uncanny X-Men #35 8 Flash #42 9 Deathstroke #8 10 We Are Robin #2 Thanks to the following retailers, Dr No's[...]
SDCC '15: Palahniuk Says No Fight Club Sequel, But Rock Opera In the Works
During the Fight Club panel Chuck Palahniuk dispelled rumors of a movie sequel but did confirm a rock opera by David Fincher with music by Trent Reznor is in the works a possibly headed to Broadway. Previous reports have included The Lion King's Julie Taymor consulting with Fincher about the show. During the Fight Club panel Chuck[...]