Dark Siege – New Marvel Eventish Thing By Brian Michael Bendis And Olivier Coipel – Includes Thor Somehow

thorYes, yes, yes, I know. I posted that thing about Matt Fraction and the supposed "Dark Siege" before being rudely mocked by Brian Bendis. And nicely mocked by Christos Gage. So I know that I'm risking even more mocking now. But lets try again. Take Two.

Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel (Thor) are working on new Marvel eventish thing that brings the god of thunder into the overarching plot of the Marvel Universe of late. This continuity crossover is the event that cause Joe Michael Straczynski to leave Thor, then referrred to as Siege Of Asgard.

Thor has been, deliberately, kept seperate from much of the Marvel Universe, something JMS seems to have demanded when working on the title, and sales have justified that decision. But, with the upcoming movie, it was only a matter of time before they'd start calling him back to draw attention to the rest of the Marvel books.

And so, we have Dark Siege. A Thor project that's been described to me as Man Vs Gods. Whether that's a working title, a code title, a sub title or a thematic description I don't know. But we're looking at a thesis on the nature of humanity and deity disguised as a Marvel event. We're talking Marvelman, Maximortal, Ultimate Galactis, Watchmen, Supergod, that sort of territory, And hell, if any book is going to talk about the relationship between our superheroes and our gods, it might as well be Thor.

Marvel declined to comment. Maybe they were just shaking their heads going "Rich, Rich, Rich…" But nah, I reckon I'm somewhere on the money with this one. Possibly.

Photo by Pat Loika.

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