Digital Dump – Is 4Chan The Saviour Of Print Comics?

A semi-regular update on the latest digital comics-relevant news.

PiracyDump: Steve Lieber engaged with the 4chan boards after his graphic novel Underground was uploaded to the site, illegally. And this is what happened to sales;

Digital Dump – Is 4Chan The Saviour Of Print Comics?

MangaDump: Viz Media is announcing an announcement. The speculation is that next week will see a VizManga download site to complement their existing VizAnime site. Could this be the consolidation that legal digital translated Manga needs?

JobDump: MTVGeek is looking for a new editor.

FundingDump: CEO Micah Baldwin gets a quick hit in this Forbes video on the Techstars Boulder Bootcamp — a seed-stage program that gives entrepreneurs the chance to hone their strategies and make connections with angels and VC's. The piece mentions that has raised $1 million thus far to build the business. has a lot of visibility on the tech startup scene, which may serve it well in 2011 when the digital distributors turn from getting things off the ground to building and competing in the digital marketplace.

VampirellaDump: Dynamite talks digital with ICV2.

What's your digital strategy for Vampi?

Digital strategy?  We probably won't touch on it 'til January.  The biggest reason is we're not comfortable doing day and date release or releasing within 30 days.  It's not a model we're attacking right now.  It's interesting to see Marvel and DC do it.  Marvel's done it with the Invincible Iron Man Annual; they just did it with Ultimate Thor and they seem to have great success.

DC's doing it with Justice League: Generation Lost.  DC isn't announcing how successful that is so it's hard to gauge.

For us, working on her [digital] premiere in January or possibly February seems to be the right way to go.  For us it's more important to make sure that we have the comic shipping well and shipping on time, with the Archives, the Masters Series (see "Vampirella Collections"), creating that foundation.  I don't want to distract us.

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