Fan Expo Canada Report From Jeff McClinchey – And Cosplay Gallery!

Jeff McClinchey got busy with the clicky at the Fan Expo this weekend in Toronto. He told Bleeding Cool;

The show seemed bigger then ever. They changed the layout of the show from the past few years but it still suffered from extreme bottle necks between floors. One friend said he got stuck on the middle floor for a half an hour just to go up an escalator. Basically, there were only two escalators up and two down for each of the three floors.

I found it a bit shocking that there was no Scott Pilgrim presence there. There was no ONI booth but I thought given the Toronto centric nature of the story and the fact that it is fairly new that something would have been planned.

Marvel, DC, Hasbro, Aliens and Tron had the biggest presence, with massive displays including taking your picture with Cap's shield, New Toys, video games and props from Tron, and Hybernation chambers you could get in to see a preview of the new Aliens DVDs.

Biggest draws by far were Adam West, William Shatner and Stan Lee but the really really big (surprise to me) draw was Summer Glau. She seemed to be the big celeb everyone really wanted to meet.

News I heard from a couple of Artists were:

Paolo Rivera – Working on a one shot with Dan Slott which is coming out later this year. Will be in current continuity and will have Peter Parker in his new job.

Wes Craig – Working on a new writer/artist book for Wildstorm. Art work looked fantastic. Reminded me of Matt Wagner and looked to take place in the 20s with a Houdini type character. Title is secret and will be announced at New York Con.

Jill Thompson – Working on another Little Endless Storybook to be released next year. (That's Delirium I think – Rich)

Jeff Lemire – Working on a new book for Top Shelf but doesn't see it done anytime soon. Expect it in 2012.

The "Runaways" movie is a go. Casting is underway, but according to CB Cebulski, it's greenlit.

No matter what Spiderman clone story is going on, Ben Reilly (Spidey clone) is for sure not coming back.

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