Fashion Follies: MLP Friends Forever 37


For the most part, the MLP comics have not let me down. They're fun and cute, and a good way to expand the MLP universe. The Friends Forever comics are great at developing the main 5 in their own stories, which usually center around love and friendship. This issue focuses on Rarity, who admittedly is not my favorite character in the series.

Rarity and her sister are on their way to Manehattan (hah) so Rarity can help with a fashion crisis for a big pop star, Sapphire Shores. I'm not gonna lie, I love all the nods to real Manhattan and how they changed some of the names. For instance, Sapphire is performing at Madison Mare Garden. It's charming and fun, which is what MLP is supposed to be.


As we would expect, Rarity is there to help Sapphire. All is going well, until Sapphire introduces Rarity to her visual effects wirzard…Trixie Lulamoon. If you're familiar not familiar with the MLP universe, Trixie is a pony who has caused havoc in the past. She's not exactly well liked, but she isn't also a total bad guy. Rarity is shocked to see her and has every reason to say no. Trixie apologizes and owns up to her past mistakes, but Rarity isn't willing to let things slide, since after all "She literally enslaved my entire town". Seems pretty reasonable to me. Rarity does give in to Sapphire's request tho, and the two work together. For Trixie it isn't all easy though. Rarity is still giving her the cold shoulder, and Trixie is doing her best to shrug it off. "Not everyone is going to forgive you." That is a good point to make in a kids comics. You will mess up, and some people will forgive and some won't. But don't let that stop you from being a better you. After all, you can't please everyone, which Trixie shows us.

The comic has a good life lesson for young readers, but I won't give it all away. It's even good for older readers to be reminded that we all make mistakes! Jeremy Whitley tackles this issue well by having the characters in constant communication with the reader. He captures Rarity's voice and tone, and does an even better job of showing us that Trixie has in fact changed for the better. I enjoy the art by Agnes Garbowska. It's cartoony and fun, but also very simple. The closeups of the ponies faces when they react to something is reminiscent of the cartoon show, which works perfect. I certainly enjoyed this issue much more than the last, and it even made me like Rarity a little bit more!

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