Female Audience Makes The Losers… The Losers

Female Audience Makes The Losers… The Losers

Bleeding Cool was predicted a low turnout for the Joel Silver movie based on Andy Diggle and Jock's comic for Vertigo. But even we thought it would take the number one spot ahead of The Back Up Plan, which was tracking even worse than  The Losers. But the female skew for Back Up as opposed to the male skew of The Losers really impacted on date nights the country over as women made the choice.

Not only that but How To Train Your Dragon, a month old movie also kicked The Losers to the kerb on opening night, taking the second spot. The Losers hit the charts at third place, taking less than $4 million in the US and Canada, with an estimated weekend total of $9 million, less than half of Kick-Ass's take and almost half of what anyone was expecting.

Kick-Ass slipped from the top spot to fifth, as Date Night from two weeks ago, grabbed the fourth spot, again showing the money-making potential of the mosty-female aimed movie.

What can comic-book movie makers learn from this? Choose more female-friendly franchises I guess. And try not to make your headline so expectant of failure.

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