Five Things I Learned This Weekend

The Secret Society Of Super-Villains Showcase volume solicited a year or so ago never happened, because Bob Rozaskis chose not to sign away his contractual reprint fee in perpetuity in return for a "royalty pool" scheme, saying "If there is some collection of my stories that you want to do, I'd be willing to negotiate, but I'm not about to sign a blank check."

50 Cent named his current LP after Avatar comic "War Angel" by Brian Pulido.

Beyonce was cast as Misty Knight in the now-not-happening Iron Fist movie.

Steve Lieber's laptop has just been stolen.

And, from the cover of Dark Reign: The List: Avengers, it appears that Hawkeye counts "one, two, three, five, hang on, missed one, four…"


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