Thursday Trending Topics: Hero Politics


Thursday Trending Topics: Hero Politics

There has almost always been an element of the politics of the times in our comics. Even if you ignore policital cartoons and cartoonists — many of whom were hugely influential on the architects of the American comic book industry — the confluence of the height of the Golden Age of comics with World War II assured that there would be political themes in comic books then, and ever since.  This decades-long ebb and flow of politics in mainstream comics came up a few times last year, and since the election year has now officially started, the conversation has again kicked up a notch.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

How Liberalism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales by Darin Wagner

If you are a conservative like me, you've been reading fewer and fewer comic books over the last 12 years. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, the weekly visit to the comic book shop has become either an exercise in irritation or a monotonous drill.

George Perez Draws Superman, Batman And Wonder Woman Together For The London Super Con

It was the addition of George Perez to the first roster of guests at the London Super Con a few months ago that caused all manner of British comic fans' ears to twitch. It was clearly a sign they meant business – that this wasn't a comic mart with ideas of grandeur, but something closer to the UKCACs of old.

Cracking The DC Code by Mandi Odoerfer and Breki Tomasson

Firstly Mandi Odoerfer of CSI Con noticed that alien language text used in a number of DC New 52 comics… were the same alien language.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Benedict Cumberbatch And Noel Clarke Cast In New Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch, the preferred Sherlock of this Parish, has reportedly swooped in and taken the lead villain role in the new Star Trek movie. This was the part that Benicio Del Toro turned down and that Edgar Ramirez had auditioned for. It looked, for a while, that JJ ABbrams was only seeing hispanic actors for the part, and reports persisted that the role was that of Khan.

Multiple Sources Linking Miranda Hart To Doctor Who

Several members of Bleeding Cool's whispering cabinet have, over the last few weeks, mentioned one name again and again in relation to Doctor Who…

Has Mark Millar's Busy Schedule Killed The Nemesis Movie?

Once upon a time, Fox were making plans for a big screen adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis. I remember it well, not least because Bleeding Cool were the very first to tell you when director Tony Scott became attached.

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