Universal’s Back into “The Hunt”, New Trailer, Poster

Universal's Back into "The Hunt", New Trailer, Poster

Originally slated for a September 27th, 2019 release, the studios shelved the film amidst controversy surrounding mass shootings in California, Ohio, and Texas.[caption id="attachment_1160260" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Universal Pictures[/caption]The film surrounds a group of conservatives kidnapped and relocated to an undisclosed remote ranch “Liberal” parties pay top dollar for the privilege to hunt the live game[...]

People Wake Up To… The British General Election

Except with the latest polls giving Labour and Conservative parties 34.1% each and the vote not concentrated enough thanks to the efforts of the Scottish National Party and UKIP, we are going to have a no overall party in majority, and parties forced to do dealings with parties they have previously stated they will have[...]

How Conservatism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales

I'm generally a bit of a lefty/liberal, but find certain aspects of my ideology tap into those associated with the conservative/right Because I'm an individual, and not a plotted point on a graph.How do you define conservatism anyway? There are some general principles, smaller government, self reliance over state intervention, sure but also a move[...]

Thursday Trending Topics: Hero Politics

 This decades-long ebb and flow of politics in mainstream comics came up a few times last year, and since the election year has now officially started, the conversation has again kicked up a notch. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: How Liberalism May Be Hurting Comic Book Sales by Darin Wagner If you are a conservative like me, you’ve been[...]

Alan Moore Campaigns Against Local Library Closures

Remember, remember, the fifth of February… That's when Alan Moore will be speaking at a reading event, part of an event to campaign against the planned potential closure of the St James Library in his home town of Northampton. The library is one of eight that may be closed by the local council as part […]