Hey, I Thought Catwoman Liked Bruce Wayne… (Batman #34 SPOILERS)

The world and his fiance knows, it seems, that in recent issues of Tom King's run on the twice-monthly Batman comic book from DC Comics, Catwoman – Seline Kykle has been asked by Batman – Bruce Wane – for her hand in marriage. And, after an archaeological dig into Batman's past over 2-3 months, she replied in the affirmative.

Hey, I Thought Catwoman Liked Bruce Wayne… (Batman #34 SPOILERS)

So, when on a mission to meet Bruce Wayne's ex, and mother of his son Damian, Talia Ghul, it was likely that at some point, with Catwoman in the same room, Talia would say something cutting. Run him through, Stab him in the back even.

Hey, I Thought Catwoman Liked Bruce Wayne… (Batman #34 SPOILERS)

As well as give us some of Tom King's trademark repetitious dialogue that may or may not be deleted in the final collection.

Hey, I Thought Catwoman Liked Bruce Wayne… (Batman #34 SPOILERS)

Now, what do you do with a stab wound, without any obvious medical attention nearby? Let's let Emergency Medical Technician, James Scott tell us on Quora.


As an EMT we are trained to stabilize the impaled object and transport. The knife (or other object could very easily be applying pressure on arteries or veins, preventing them from bleeding out from the cuts. Body tissues are rigid, they'll reform around the wound, so even if you are 100% perfect in keeping the knife along the initial entry path you'll still end up cutting even more tissue causing even greater damage. In that way it's possible to turn a survivable wound into a fatal one. So apply pressure to stop any external bleeding and try to keep the knife in place and call 911.

So what does Catwoman do?

Hey, I Thought Catwoman Liked Bruce Wayne… (Batman #34 SPOILERS)

Yeah, he's bleeding out now, Selina. You're engaged to a corpse. A batcorpse.

(W) Tom King (A/CA) Joelle Jones
"Rules Of Engagement" part two! Batman is on a quest in the desert, far from his Gotham City home. His friends and allies think he's gone crazy, and his mission puts him far outside the law. Waiting for him at the center of the chaos is an old enemy… and plenty of old demons. In Shops: Nov 01, 2017
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