Hot Comics – The Fifty Dollar Club (July 2011)

Hot Comics – The Fifty Dollar Club (July 2011)We've just looked at modern comic books selling for $100 or more right now, but how is everything else shaping up? Here's a run down of comics that have sold copies on eBay from $50 to $100 of late.

We take the highest price paid for a copy on eBay over the last two months, without postage.

Miracleman #24 $95 Big jump from $51 to almost double that, this final issue of Miracleman looks like it will be bpthering the Hundred Dollar Club soon.

The Goon #1 $97 A volatile book. In 2009, this sold for $170. In early 2010 it was a $50 book. Now it's back up to almost $100.

Walking Dead #3 $90 Recovering to it's standard price after a slip under $70 earlier in the year.

30 Days Of Night #1 $85 In March, this sold for $67. More books./movies are bringing attention.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 $84.50 His death has not stopped this book from jumping from $70 in March.

New Mutants #98 $75 Some slippage here, the $95 book falling back as movie news seems to slip away a little.

NYX #3 $73 A jump for the first appearance of X-23. This book has stayed around $60 for a couple of years.

Y The Last Man $71 A jump again, from around $50 last year.

All Star Batman And Robin #10 Pottymouth $65 We're letting this in as a non-deleiberate variant. That's all many East Coast stores were selling on the day of release…

Floyd Farland, Citizen of the Future $65 – Here begins a new trend for the Hot Comics Dollar Club this month. The massive emergence of Chris Ware as a valuable investment oportunity. And I speak as someone who preordered Acme Novelty Library from my local comic shop on a whim. This is Chris Ware's early work for the The Daily Texan, collected, and something he has supposedly tried to buy up copies of so that no one else can see it.

Walking Dead #4 $61 – A jump here, this has been a $50 book for a while now.

Acme Novelty Library #1 $60 – The first issue of Chris Ware's astounding reinvention of the comic book form. A true master at work, here is the book I first saw his work in. And it blew my little tiny mind.

Grimm Fairy Tales #1 $60. It smashed out of the Fifty Dollar Club last year, now it's back again.

Acme Novelty Library #5 $60 – I don't know why certain issues are selling for more than others here. But orders for issue 5 were probably dire.

Harbinger #1 $53.50 – a new entry into the Dollar Clubs. Caould the Valiant revival be having implications?

Grimm Fairy Tales #4 $53.50 – another new entry.

Uncanny X-Men #266 $52 The book jumped from $30 to $66 last year, it seems to be settling down a little.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade # 1  $51 – new entry, this adaptation of the Coheed and Cambria album in comic form has rapidly become a collectable in recent months, after its first publication in 2004.

Hack And Slash #1 $51 – a new entry. The Image publication and possible movie adfaptation has really brought this book serial killing comedy much attention of late.

The Goon #3 $50 – slippage from $63 in March.

Chicago ComicCon Anthology #1 $50 – a new entry for this very earliest appearance of Brandy from Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows

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