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Is There An Earlier First Appearance Of Luke Fox?

Is There An Earlier First Appearance Of Luke Fox Than Batwing #19?

Last week, Bleeding Cool broke the story that DC Comics is planning for a new Batman to take the place of Bruce Wayne in the summer of 2020 going on into 2021. That DC Comics editorial had decided it be a black gentleman. And that while candidates included Mr Terrific, a depowered Black Lightning or […]

Speculator Corner: There's Something About Captain Marvel #8...

Speculator Corner: There's Something About Captain Marvel #8…

Captain Marvel #8 is out this Wednesday. The start of a new chapter, Falling Star, which appears to feature a new Marvel Comics character, Star. And one who may be replacing Carol Danvers in the superheroic pantheon. Speculators are anticipating the first appearance of the character in this week's Captain Marvel #8 and have been […]


PlayStation 4 Was Again The Best Selling Console In June

PlayStation had its best June ever, according to analysts at the NPD Group. Over all, hardware and software saw a 7% increase over the same period last year which is only good news for gamers. It means the industry is growing, which means we'll get to see more games and more hardware, and we all […]

Just What Is Marvel Hiding From Us At Their D23 Exhibit?

Alright so this one is almost definitely not down to Stan Lee, but if I need a personal face of Marvel, its Stan, Axel Alonso, or Ike Perlmutter. And I think we'd all prefer Stan Lee. So, this report comes to us from one of the many personalities that have made their way to D23 […]

Could This Leaked Art From Carlos Huante Be From A Failed Star Wars Game?

Concept artist Carlos Huante dropped some concept art for two unfinished games onto his instagram saying "This next stuff was done for a game that was never made." Which is kind of cool. The art itself looks very reminiscent of the Star Wars universe, for both games. The first set look like storm trooper concepts. The second set […]

Will Bioware's New IP Be A Better Destiny?

  Whatever Bioware's new game is, it will hit March of 2018. As of right now, all the details we have say that it will be a story-driven game as are most of Bioware's properties. Rumors have it that the game will be something like Bungie's Destiny. From Destructoid's Jordan Devore: As discussed during Electronic Arts' […]

100 Comics From SDCC '15 Flipped On eBay From $20 To $711

Ye! That's right! People were buying comics at San Diego Comic Con as well as everything else. And here is how some people found a way to flip them for profit! How naughty! Skybound and IDW did very well out of this, it seems, as did J Scott Campbell. And big props for We Can Never […]

Superman #38 Blowing Up On eBay As He Gets A New Power (SPOILER)

We all know Superman's standard powers. Super strength, speed, hearing, vision , flight and heat vision. Some have been defined further, he'll originally he couldn't fly, now he has super chilled breath as well, when he wants. The films gave him the power to travel through time, to erase memory with a kiss and to […]

Wytches And Mondo At Thought Bubble 2014: A Speculator Corner Special

Lots of folks were selling lots of comic books at Thought Bubble (got back barely an hour ago) – but some will have been able to pay for their whole trip with one or two canny purchases. The Wytches #2 variant cover exclusive to Thought Bubble has sold for $125 on eBay (with most copies […]

Day Men #2's Lights Up eBay

Bleeding Cool has been following Boom! Studios' original series Day Men with art by Brian Stelfreeze since before it launched. We broke the news that the first issue had sold its 12,000 copy print run. That it was heating up the aftermarket and there was a rumor of a movie option from San Diego. That […]

Jonathan Hickman's Infinity Speculator Corner

Thank you Jonathan for this handy dandy reading guide to your Infinity crossover… especially since certain types might be able to work out which comics have been underordered… but as Jonathan says this may be handy to working out what comics you want to pre-order and which issues retailers may want to goose their order […]

Speculator Corner – Lazarus To Moombas (UNCANNY UPDATE)

It is Bleeding Cool's belief that the current speculator comics market, in which comics regularly sell above cover price shortly after publication is a positive thing for the comics market. Rather than just rewarding big print run comics from the Big Two publishers, it rewards those who pick up the first issues of relatively obscure […]

Polarity #1 Sells Out From Diamond, And Sells For $13 On eBay

We mentioned this might be a thing a couple of weeks ago. Polarity #1 from Boom!, out today, has sold through its 20% overprint on retailer orders, and has already sold copies for $13 on eBay today for the standard version. Along with Uber #0, also out today, these are hot first issues that aren't […]

Speculator Corner: Did Superior Spider-Man Begin In Amazing Spider-Man #600?

So Amazing Spider-Man #698 is selling from between $5 and $13 on eBay… but where did it all begin? Could it be a certain scene in Amazing Spider-Man #600? The issue saw Otto Octavius coming to terms with the damage done to his very-human body after years of fighting superheroes, given a terminal diagnosis and […]

Speculator Corner: Avenging Spider-Man #15.1

Amazing Spider-Man #698 has already gone to a second print for, you know, obvious reasons. And Marvel are promising more mind boggling occurrences in Amazing Spider-Man #700, which has been racking up retailer reorders in its droves. But Avenging Spider-Man #15.1… hasn't. Both shipping on December the 26th, they are the only Marvel Comics coming […]

Suicide Squad #14 Selling Copies For $15 On eBay

Okay, it's no Walking Dead #1. But give it time. Raw, unslabbed copies of Suicide Squad #14, which went on sale today, are selling copies on eBay for $14.95. Considering it only went on sale a few hours ago at $2.99, that's not bad. And yes, it's one of the Joker die cut covers as […]