Is This The Most Commercial Comic-To-Film Never Optioned?

From the creators of Watchmen and 300. And I don't mean Zack Snyder.

The future sci-fi epic written by 300 and Sin City's Frank Miller. Visualised by Watchmen's Dave Gibbons. Creator-owned. About one individual against the entire system, suriving, propsering and then saving the known universe. Surely this would be one of the easiest, clearly commercial Hollywood comics-to-film deals possible?

But does the main character have to be a woman? And black?

Martha Washington, star of Miller and Gibbon's Give Me Liberty has everything going for her in terms of commercial appeal, save for her gender and ethnicity. Because, as we've been told, female-starring action films don't make money. And her being black will make even less.

Really? Cos, you know, a bunch of films starring white guys don't make money too. This has a genuine pedigree of creativity, cleverness and wide appeal. Give Me Liberty has succeeded sales wise through the last decade and at San Diego Comic Con, the signing necessitated a ticket system.

Put it this way Hollywood studios. You may not be convinced of its commercial appeal. But can you risk someone else buying it, casting Zoe Saldana in the lead and making a mint? While you sat by saying "it'll never sell."

Give me a Give Me Liberty movie. Or give me Death The High Cost Of Living. Your choice.

Photos of Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Kimberley Cox and Diane Schutz at San Diego Comic Con.

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