Lying In The Gutters – 18th October 2010

Ten Top Most Popular Stories Of The Week

1. New Conan Images
2. NYCC Cosplay Scandal
3. Batman XXX Porn Video Trailer
4. DC Remove Twenty Foot Swear Word
5. Iconic Covers For DC Comics
6. Marvel Cancels Young Allies With #6
7. Cover To LOEG 1969
8. Man Sees Dalek In Tree Trunk
9. Bill Murray Dressed As Pete Venkman
10. Banning Neonomicon #2
11. VIDEO: Michael J Fox Playing Marty McFly Again
12. This Ain't Avatar XXX 3D Video
13. Jimmy's End – Alan Moore's Movie, TV Series And Computer Game
14. Bill Murray Dressed Up As Peter Venkman Again
15. Would Wonder Woman Carry One In Her Jacket Pocket?
16. Is John Hamm to Play Superior?
17. Grant Morrison On All Star Superman And We3 Movies
18. Zatanna Gets All Mixed Up
19. Tom Hardy Has Lead Role In Next Batman Film
20. SWIPE FILE: John Constantine And Bill Hicks

20. Right Wing Goes To War With Comics And Cartoons

Ten Stories You May Have Missed

1. Knight & Squire #1 – A Bleeding Cool Glossary
2. Avengers Movie Helicarrier Designs Leak
3. Tomorrow Is D-Day For DC
4.  Bollywood Gets Its First Gay Item Number, First Gay Kiss
5. VIDEO: Amazing Fantasy #15 Makes The Grade
6. Keith Richards Is Coming Back For The Next Pirates Of The Caribbean
7. Nick Spencer – Politics, Business… Oh, And Comics Too
8. The Coolest Freebie I've Ever Been Sent – Ghost Hunting With Eve And Alice
9. Dandy To Relaunch As Weekly Comic Again
10. Zack Snyder: Film To Focus On Early Days Of Superman, Not Based On Any Comics In Particular

Thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Greg Baldino, Dale Lazarov, Aaron and Mike, Graeme Lyon, Casey Lau and Melinda Seckington.

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