Mark Waid Kept Away From Justice League Doom Premiere

Justice League: Doom (or Justice League: Wood as some seem to see it) is a direct DVD/Blu Ray adaptation of Mark Waid and Howard Porter's Tower of Babel story from JLA.

Voiceover artist Phil LaMarr, who has played Green Lantern in many a Justice League Unlimited episode expressed his regret that he couldn't be involved in this one, tweeting;

Saw an ad for Justice League:Doom felt sad to be left out (Whatever, @NathanFillion) Put on Springsteen's GLORY DAYS and posted this pic: Newbern, LaMarr, Rosenbaum & Canals on the last JLU record.

Mark Waid replied;

You and me both, brother. I'm not even invited to the premiere.

LaMarr responded;

What? That's crazy! I really have no cause to complain.

Waid concluding;

Dude, I'll be lucky if they send me a comp DVD.

Waid has been at odds with DC for a while it seems, possibly a mix of Bob Harras as Editor In Chief, calling out Joe Michael Straczynski a number of times, and then there was the situation being hired and dropped to write his dream character, Superman, in a matter of days over some truly horrendous office politics.

But it does seem surprising, whatever the circumstances. not to even invite the original writer of the work to the premiere, let alone keep him being involved in any way with the production…

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