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Neal Adams and Mark Waid to Debut Fantastic Four: Antithesis

Mark Waid is returning to the Fantastic Four this August with legendary comics artist Neal Adams for a new series, Fantastic Four: Antithesis The first full-length Fantastic Four story ever illustrated by Neal With a plan to create a new nemesis for the Fantastic Four intended to send shockwaves throughout all of fandom It's intended[...]


Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid and Garth Ennis Join Graphic Novel Club

Other confirmed creators for the first year of the club include Kurt Busiek for Marvels, Mark Waid for Kingdom Come, Scott McCloud for Understanding Comics, Klaus Janson for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Neil Gaiman for Sandman, with many more being added weekly. Monthly club selections from all three clubs are freely exchangeable from an[...]

Steve Geppi Talks Live With Direct Market Pulishers

Steve Geppi Video With Groth, Richie, Wood and Waid, Tomorrow

He will be joined by a number of publishers, including Gary Groth of Fantagraphics with whom Geppi had quite the turbulent relationship with back in the days that The Comic Journal rolled the roost, He is joined by Ross Richie of Boom Studios, Dirk Wood of IDW and former Fantagraphics and Boom editorial employee Mark[...]

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Mark Waid Gives Free Comic Book Day Back to Collector's Paradise

Now, courtesy of comic book creator, Mark Waid it appears that it is going to still be Free Comic Book Day for fifty people at the store.Comic book creator Mark Waid, who regularly signs at the store and opened their recent North Hollywood location, contacted them (coincidentally) a couple of days ago with a plan.That[...]

The new release schedule from Humanoids, which sees new publications pushed back to at least September.

A Message from Mark Waid as Humanoids Releases Pushed to September

Mark Waid, Publisher of Humanoids, has released another letter to fans as the company once again adjusts its release schedule Waid says that Humanoids remains committed to delivering previously announced projects and continues to sign new projects as well However, Humanoids' slate of releases has been delayed until December, according to a new schedule posted[...]

Mark Waid Appointed as Publisher Of Humanoids

Humanoids Delays All Comics For At Least a Month, Mark Waid Speaks

LA-based comic book publisher Humanoids has issued the following update from Publisher Mark Waid to comic book retailers He writes, After a great deal of internal deliberation and consultation with key retailers, Humanoids has elected to delay shipments to our retail partners for, at minimum, the next four weeks, after which we'll reassess the situation[...]

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A Message From Mark Waid

Comic book writer/editor/retailer/publisher Mark Waid, in his role as publisher of Humanoids, and channelling a recent history as a rather comic store owner, issued the following statement; A MESSAGE FROM MARK WAIDRetailing comics is already a tough way to live, we all know that Now this, on top of that? As a storeowner myself, I have[...]

Mark Waid Appointed as Publisher Of Humanoids

Mark Waid Appointed as Publisher Of Humanoids

Comic book writer, editor and publisher Mark Waid, has been appointed as Publisher of the LA-based published of sci-fi and fantasy comics, originally reprinting European comic in English, but now generating original work such as the H1 shared continuity superhero line, of which Waid has been operating as Director of Creative Development.As Publisher Waid will[...]

Court Gives Final Judgement in Jurisdiction Matter in Richard Meyer Vs Mark Waid

Court Accepts Judgement Over Jurisdiction, in Richard Meyer Vs Mark Waid

Bleeding Cool has repeatedly covered the legal case between Comicsgate comic book creator and publisher Richard Meyer and comic book writer, editor and publisher Mark Waid Charges of defamation, both online and at a comic convention in Houston and regarding tortious interference over Antarctic Press' decision to drop the publication of Meyers' Jawbreakers graphic novel[...]

That Mark Zaid Hydra Quote That's Suddenly In The News

Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower that kicked off the current impeachment enquiry against the President of the United States, and better known to comic book people as the lawyer of comic book creator and Captain America writer Mark Waid The similarity in names has caused much incredulity.And said members of[...]

Mark Waid's Lawyer, Mark Zaid, is Representing the Trump Whistleblower

Mark Waid's Lawyer, Mark Zaid, is Representing the Trump Whistleblower

Mark Zaid, the lawyer representing the similarly-named Mark Waid in his defence against charges of tortious interference and defamation made by Richard Meyer over the publication, or not, of his comic book Jawbreakers, has quite a few other cases to take his attention.Including being co-counsel to lead counsel Andrew Bakaj, former CIA officer who are[...]

Waid, Augustyn, and Grummett Launch Archie 1955 in September

Waid, Augustyn, and Grummett Launch Archie: 1955 in September

Good news -- it looks like the Riverdale gang survived World War 2! Even better, none of them have aged! Following the Archie: 1941 mini-series, the creative team of Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn reunite, joined by artist Tom Grummett, inket Bob Smith, colorist Glenn Whitmore, and letterer Jack Morelli for a new series set[...]

Mark Waid Talks The History Of The Marvel Universe – and the Invisible Woman

Mark Waid was at the Diamond Retail Summit for Humanoids as Director of Creative Development (more on that later) But since he was in the room, Marvel Comics got him up on stage to talk appreciative comic book store owners through the upcoming History Of The Marvel Universe series he is writing - and while[...]

Richard Meyer Files Response to Mark Waid's Attempt For Case to Be Dismissed Over Lack of Jurisdiction in the State of Texas

Richard Meyer Files Response to Mark Waid's Call For Case to Be Dismissed Over Lack of Jurisdiction in the State of Texas

Amidst controversy, Mark Waid called the publisher to talk about that decision Shortly afterwards, the publisher announced they were no longer publishing the graphic novel It was self-published a year later and individually distributed.Meyer then sued Mark Waid over claims of tortious interference and defamation, claiming damages against Waid for his actions.Last November, Mark Waid's[...]