Misfits Episode 2 – The Live Blog. Ish.

misfitsThe second episode of Misfits, the new British superfiction series about a bunch of young troublemakers granted superpowers airs in half an hour on E4. And I thought I'd watch it with some of you guys.

They do this kind of the thing on the Guardian website all the time with stuff like The Wire and, as with much of this site, I saw that and thought I'd copy it. I may copy a few tweets and message board comments into the main body of this piece.

Obviously there will be spoilers, if you're not watching along. Obviously. And hell, you may have something better to do on a Thursday night. But I don't.

Anyway before it starts, here's a trailer…

And a couple of other clips

See you in half an hour. Some of you.


10pm; Why does none of them have a cleaning up power?

10.01pm: Yeah, that wolf shadow is a little obvious with Nathan. Is lycanthropy actually a power?

10.02pm: All E4 and your full frontal nudity. Shame it's just male.

10.03pm: Yeah, he's a werewolf isn't he? Listen to the geek.

10.05pm: Eldely sex-drive. Yes it's still funny.

@kellymisfits – Urr… His cock looks like David Gest!

10.07: Someone Knows We Killed Our Probabtion Officer would be a good film title.

@RochelleTheSats Watching the MISFITS in bed!! I'm super tired after partying hard last night!!

Rochelle, you are Kelly…

10.12: Break time. Okay so we have a werewolf-step dad, a possible conspiracy from an unknown source, and dancing with geriatrics and one use of the phrase "dusky thighs". I do like Misfits. Also liking the matter-of-fact mocking of powers by Nathan. He really is the Spike Thompson of the show.

@mo_ali this is the 21st Century..instead of a threatening note from bits of newspaper titles, shouldn't have been a text msg?

10.14: "psycho boyfriend gay rapist werewolf" – yeah, that wasn't going to work, was it? But at least he's taking the geek seriously. Ish.

10.17: There you go mo_ali, mysterious instant messages. Happy tech-wise now?

@AllyR94: "I swear on my mother's life" to his mum :P

Yes, that was good.

22.19: Drinking montage! But why no spliff montage? That has to be savoured without dance track apparently.

22.20: Ah a werewolf cock blocker.

22.21: Not a werewolf but an overaffectionate dog-man. Ah sweet. Yeah, some wolves are lovely, why are werewolves usually so mean?

22.23: "We'll improvise". Why does that not sound good?

22.25: Oh good. Finally we have Mr Invisible in the girl's locker room. Took to the second episode?

@mo_ali were-wolf, or were-poodle?

@mo_ali turning invisible sitting by a mirror, always helpful

@AidanFlood Misfits tries to be a surreal drama one minute, then an offbeat comedy the next, something just doesn't fit.

22.27: Will "cock, anus, ballsack" be the new Misfits catchphrase.

22.28: Confessions Of A WereJackRussell

@Mellowx10: theres a cockroach in my flat and im slyly enjoyin misfits on e4. new low

22.30: I've got to say this is quite the reversal of the way pretty much any werewolf storyline has gone. Oz in Buffy should have been this good. And yes, "cock anus ballsack" is already gearing up to be a Twitter trending topic.

@Joe290792 misfits is so well acted, written and filmed. Finally a new tv show where the actor actually shows what the character is thinking

@loserkid_xo I'm really enjoying 'Misfits'..oh and I'm sick of these 'New Moon' trailers.

22.36: Everything's gone beige and seventies.

22.37: What no drinks montage?

22.38: Okay a sex scene. This would be a good time to see Nathan's… power.

22.39: Is his power super speed then? Heh, he's the Flash!

@charliealmond Sex on a stannah lift. Genius. Poor follow through though

22.41: Okay, okay, that's excellent. Okay I'm not spoiling that for anyone who hasn't seen it.

22.44: This may be the really nice thing about Misfits. People with powers coming out of the woodwork without warning, they could be anyone – or indeed may be everyone. I hope Nathan never finds his power, his desperation and relative normality is key to this, it's his motormouth that keeps him kicking.

22.46: And I do hope as many people were having a bit of a tug to that scene… and then…

22.48: It's the Hotness!/Nathan Barley

22.49: And it really is an asking-to-be-raped power isn't it? Quite a powerful emotional and nasty twist that they're not shying away from on the show.

22.51: Has James Blunt ever been used so straight, but with such irony and mocking underneath? Aside from Sesame Street, obv.

@kellymisfits wickity wickity wickity wow

22.52: Simon mocking the mocker. And relishing the experience just enough.

22.53: Go on then. Shygirl18 is an evil mermaid.

@davehartshorne This misfits episode is just totally awesome :)

22.56: This is why I'm loving Misfits. It climbs the highs of slapstick and then dives to the lows of mundane reality and tragedy. The superpowers just exaggerate that juxtaposition.

22.58: Everyone wants a Jack Russell for a dad, don't they?

22.59: And now we have the arc-Big-Bad-plot confirmed…

23.01: And next week it looks like the inviting-rape power will be switched around…

And I'm out. Time to download the Nokia Ovi App. I have been successfully sold to…

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